September 18, 2021

I have something for Mrs. Hench but my wife refuses to be a maid.

Dear Daddy: I ​​got something for Mrs. Hench but sadly my wife did not do that and now she is refusing to wear the dress of a French maid.

“I’m obsessed with Mrs. Hunch, but I appreciate her style,” she says.

Whenever she has free time, she wants to go to the gym instead of keeping the house clean.


Whenever she has free time, she wants to go to the gym instead of keeping the house clean.

I am 45 years old, my wife is 42 years old and we have a 16 year old daughter.

I work long hours as an entertainment manager for a hotel chain and my wife works part time in accounts so I think it’s only fair that she contributes a lion’s share to the cleaning.

However, he is happy to keep the washbasin on the side and does not seem to care about dust accumulation. It drives me crazy

Whenever she has free time, she wants to go to the gym instead of keeping the house clean.

I’ve tried to encourage her – I even have a big closet in the garage for her to do her “cleaning narcissism” like Mrs. Hench but she filled it with her exercise equipment.

We used to have fun together, but I think we have a lot in common and it’s moving away.

We had a great sex life together. We were both ready to try new things, so when I asked her to wear a French maid’s dress and bright yellow margolds in the bedroom, she was playing first.

I found him to have such a turn and I thought he did too. It became my bedroom request but now she refuses to play with me and I am really lucky if we have sex once a month.

I went to the bathroom yesterday while she was dyeing her hair. She was using marigolds to prevent her hands from getting dyed and I couldn’t help it.

But when I started hitting her on the back, she got angry. If we can’t solve it, I don’t really see how we can live together.

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Daddy says: You and your wife are going their separate ways until you find a middle ground.

Can you agree that each of you does a specific weekly task – focus on which tasks are more important to you?

Also, if you can afford it, can you consider getting a cleaner?

Your wife is refusing to be a maid because it is so closely related to the major issue in your relationship.

If you can learn to communicate better and compromise, your sex life will be better.

It’s time to dump her and move on.

I am sending you my support pack Relationship MOT for help.

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