I have been reunited with my lost wedding ring over 30 YEARS after I thought my dog ​​ate it.

GRANDMA reunited with her engagement ring over 30 years after she thought it was eaten by a dog.

Carol Kirk, 72, was devastated after she lost her £1,100 group given to her by husband Phil, 71, when he was just 17.


The couple will celebrate their 54th wedding anniversary this year.Credit: Attached/Sun
Carol Thought The Ring Was Gone Forever When It Fell To The Floor.


Carol thought the ring was gone forever when it fell to the floor.Credit: Attached/Sun
Phil And Carol Married In July 1968.


Phil and Carol married in July 1968.Credit: Attached/Sun

Phil, a retired engineer, worked for his father to save money so he could propose to the woman of his dreams.

In 1968, he chose a drive-in theater to ask a question.

Then, in 1989, Carol came home and removed the ring to wash her hands, only to knock him off the counter before Cassie the terrier “taunted him”.

A retired teacher took the dog to the vet for an X-ray and bought a metal detector but couldn’t find her jewelry.

She even checked Cassie’s poop in the garden, trying to find it.

But the gutted couple spent the next three decades believing their prized possessions were gone forever.

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And the ring almost completely flew out of their heads until they got a random everything from their old neighbors in 2019.

Phil told the Sun Online: “Carol got a call from our old neighbor and asked if she had ever lost a diamond ring.

“Yes,” she said back in 1989. She went to the neighbors and took her favorite ring.”

The new owners were remodeling the kitchen when they discovered a ring stuck in the wall of an old cabinet.

Carol was “absolutely thrilled” to be reunited with the symbol of their first days together.

Phil said: “The crazy dog ​​jumped at the sound of the floor and grabbed the ring.

“They assumed it was outside of some place. Time passed and they thought it was lost.

“I was in bad shape. She was just focused on taking care of me and the kids.”

The ring, found in 2019, will be passed down to the next generation after Phil and Carol decided to give it to their son for his bride.

A couple from Missouri, USA, will be celebrating their 54th wedding anniversary this year.

Phil added that his secret to a long-term marriage is “love and mutual respect,” but also a bit of stubbornness and unwillingness to give up.

Phil Saved Up Money Working For His Father To Buy Carol'S Ring.


Phil saved up money working for his father to buy Carol’s ring.Credit: Attached/Sun
The Ring Was Found By The New Owners Of The House


The ring was found by the new owners of the houseCredit: Attached/Sun
Carol Tossed The Ring Off The Counter In The Way Of Their Rambunctious Dog, Cassie.


Carol tossed the ring off the counter in the way of their rambunctious dog, Cassie.Credit: Attached/Sun
The Couple'S Home In St. Louis Where The Ring Was Lost...and Found


The couple’s home in St. Louis where the ring was lost…and foundCredit: Attached/Sun

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