I found out I was 29 weeks pregnant at 16 after going to the doctor for acid reflux.

A teen mom has revealed how she found out she was 29 weeks pregnant at the tender age of 16 after going to the doctor for acid reflux.

When Angelina Jasmine, who is 18 years old and from the USA, felt unwell, it never occurred to her that it could be because she was pregnant.


Angelina Jasmine, who is 18 and from the US, suggests there was no way she could have gotten pregnant because she hadn’t had sex for seven months.Credit: tiktok/@semi_sweet_lina
Teen Mom Sees Doctor After Acid Reflux


Teen mom sees doctor after acid refluxCredit: tiktok/@semi_sweet_lina

After all, she hadn’t had sex in seven months.

But little did she know that a 29-week-old fetus was growing inside her…

Taking to tik takAngelina reproduced the scenario in which she found herself with the doctor.


Recalling their conversation, she told him, “I had a very painful acid reflux and nothing seemed to help, and my periods were insanely irregular.”

And when he asked if she could be pregnant, Angelina answered “no” before recalling “sneaky references back in April.”

She explained how the doctor had told her that he would leave and do a “blood test” and that her mother had received a phone call the next morning.

Turning to Angelina, her mother asked: “The doctor called. You are pregnant. How are you pregnant? We have been in quarantine since March!”

When asked how far she’s come, Angelina admitted she doesn’t know because she hasn’t had sex since April.

Only then did it suddenly dawn on both of them that she was seven months pregnant.

Angelina has experienced a mysterious pregnancy – where medical methods fail to detect pregnancy and normal symptoms such as vomiting, menstruation, and a bump do not appear.

What is a hidden pregnancy?

According to Healthline, a mystery pregnancy is when conventional medical testing methods fail to determine when a woman is expecting.

Known as occult pregnancy, occult pregnancy is considered rare, and women who have this type of pregnancy typically do not show typical pregnancy symptoms, including vomiting, fatigue, nausea, or bloating that resembles a bump.

Women can also have regular periods, as fluctuations in hormones can lead to some bleeding that resembles a period.

And Angelina’s social media followers rushed to the comments section to express their shock at the revelation.

“You can name the baby Soshal DistaAnce,” joked one, while another wrote, “New fear unlocked.”

Another asked: “How did you not notice your belly?” to which Angelina replied, “I didn’t get any bigger.”

Elsewhere, the teen mom noted that the trolls are trying to tell her she ruined her life by having such a small baby, but Angelina joked, “I’m cool where I am.”

Angelina Was Shocked To Learn That A 29-Week-Old Fetus Was Growing Inside Her.


Angelina was shocked to learn that a 29-week-old fetus was growing inside her.Credit: tiktok/@semi_sweet_lina

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