I fed my niece meat even though her mother raised her vegan – she wanted to try but now my family is shaming me

A WOMAN is being criticized by her entire family for feeding her vegan niece meat despite the little girl begging for it.

She admitted that she was not sure if she really did something wrong and turned to the Internet to assess whether her actions were justified.


Woman says she quarrels with her vegan sister because she allowed her niece to eat meat1 credit
The Woman Claimed That The Girl Asked To Try And Did Not Feel Comfortable Refusing Her.


The woman claimed that the girl asked to try and did not feel comfortable refusing her.1 credit

The woman, who spoke about her situation in an anonymous Reddit post, said that her sister “C” is a vegan and is forcing her seven-year-old child “N” to be a vegan.

She further explained that S had asked her to babysit N for the weekend and she happily agreed.

“I took N to the grocery store and we bought vegan food for her.

“We bought groceries and went home.

“I cooked dinner for her and everything was fine,” the poster recalled.

Around 10 p.m., the woman remembered that her niece had said she was hungry and “asked for some meat.”

“I hesitated, but I’m not going to force her to be vegan.

“I gave her some chicken and she loved it,” the woman wrote.

However, problems began when the woman’s niece refused to eat anything but chicken the next day.

However, she said that she did not stop her niece from eating the chicken.

Everything was fine until the woman’s niece returned home and continued to want to eat meat.

The poster claimed that her sister called her and yelled at her for feeding N meat and forbade her to look after her again.

The woman said her parents also shamed her for the situation.

The woman concluded her post by asking the Internet if she was, in fact, wrong – and according to the Internet, she was not.

“I believe your niece is old enough to have a say in what she eats,” wrote one person who said he supports veganism.

“In my opinion, if they are old enough to have a conversation, they are old enough to decide what foods they need in their bodies.

“It’s the job of parents to make sure they have a healthy and balanced diet, but that doesn’t mean they have to force a vegan diet on them.”

“If your niece asked for meat, then she is not really a vegan, but simply forced to follow a vegan diet,” wrote another supporter.

However, a third reader added: “Your niece will get into a lot of situations where she will be able to eat meat if she wants to, and the fact that her mom can’t handle it is not your problem.”

Raising other people’s children is often a touchy subject and can cause serious problems if rules and expectations are not followed in a way that satisfies the parents.

For example, one mother said she refused to leave her newborn alone with her mother-in-law because she did not want to feed her baby with her breast milk.

Also, another woman forbade her mother-in-law’s friend to babysit her children after she tried to convince them that she was their real mother.

Readers Of The Woman'S Story Feel That Her Niece Should Have A Say In What She Eats.


Readers of the woman’s story feel that her niece should have a say in what she eats.1 credit

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