“I don’t agree with them”

FRED spoke for the first time about his struggle to win over Manchester United fans.

Only recently, under interim boss Ralf Rangnick, have we begun to see the best side of the Brazilian.


Fred got better at Manchester United under interim boss Ralph Rangnick.Credit: Reuters

But Fred, 28, admits he still has a long way to go.

The midfielder said: “It’s an ambiguous situation – some fans like me and others don’t.

“In the end, everything depends on the results, and they will determine the mood of the fans. But sometimes even with good results you will be criticized!

“Football is like that, you need to learn how to deal with criticism. I welcome constructive criticism, of course.

“When I hear that I conceded too many goals in a match, I listen, analyze the match and pay even more attention to correcting this aspect of my game at the next chance.

“But a lot of criticism just to humiliate you, it’s easy to go on social media and write something full of hate.

“I don’t listen to such people, but I welcome constructive criticism, sometimes it can be useful.”

Of course, some criticism has come from United’s greats, including legendary skipper Roy Keane and midfielder Paul Scholes.

Fred added: “They’ve had a lot of Manchester United moments and now they’re being paid to speak their mind, so that’s fine with me.

“It is their job and it is their right. I don’t agree with that, but that’s their opinion.

“I am not conflicted, I have heard a lot of negative reviews about me, always negative, but I will not say anything in response. I’m focused on working on the field.”


However, even Keane is now gaining favor. The Sky Sports pundit was full of praise over the weekend after Fred left for Leeds alongside Anthony Elanga in a 2-2 win.

The pair turned the game in United’s favour, and both scored in a 4–2 win.

Keane said, “Fred has definitely improved his offensive and finishing game over the past few months.”

Roy Keane Has Been A Critic Of Fred, But Admits He'S Gotten Better Lately


Roy Keane has been a critic of Fred, but admits he’s gotten better lately1 credit
Paul Scholes Has Also Criticized Fred'S Performances In The Past.


Paul Scholes has also criticized Fred’s performances in the past.Credit: BT Sport


The player himself admits that this performance was his best moment in a United shirt in his fourth season at the club.

He said, “I think so. I have had ups and downs since I came here.
“I know I’m not the best player, not the most technical, but I give my life every time I step on the field.”

Fred thinks that Rangnick gets the most out of him because he plays with him in the same position as in the Brazilian national team.

In an interview with TNT Sports Brazil, he said: “As they say in Brazil, I carry a piano so that the artists can play.

“I think it’s important when I’m playing because it gives the attackers more freedom. I just want to help them.

“It was nice to play more like a box-to-box midfielder, that’s my favorite position. I created chances and even scored.

“It’s similar to the position I play internationally for Brazil.”

Fred’s substitution on Sunday, when he scored a goal three minutes into the pitch, could give him a start at Atlético Madrid.

Manchester United Train Ahead Of Trip To Madrid To Play Atlético Madrid


Manchester United train ahead of trip to Madrid to play Atlético Madrid1 credit
Fred Will Play A Big Role If Manchester United Achieves A Positive Result At Atlético.


Fred will play a big role if Manchester United achieves a positive result at Atlético.1 credit

United head to La Liga Champions Stadium Wanda Metropolitano for the first leg of the Champions League round of 16.

This will see him again alongside Scott McTominay. The pair are nicknamed McFred when they play together, which makes Fred smile.

He said: “I like it! I think it’s because we played a lot together.
“He is a great young player who has developed a lot over the years.

“But, of course, he still has many years ahead of him to become even better.

“I’m very happy to play alongside him, but it’s also important to appreciate every member of our midfield.”

Back-to-back Premier League victories propelled United to fourth place and also helped lift the spirits at the club amid apparent disharmony in the dressing room – something Fred denies.

He said: “We need to improve our game, but this is not related to the dressing room.

“People say Cristiano Ronaldo did it, other players did that, it’s all nonsense! Our main task as a group of players is to unite in order to achieve better results and results.

“For example, I am closer to Alex Telles, so of course I will chat with him most of the time.

“But that doesn’t mean I won’t be around English players.

“I sit next to Marcus Rashford in the dressing room and we have a great relationship.

“We have a single team. Cristiano is an exceptional guy both on and off the pitch.

“Every day he works to become even better and that is important for all of us, especially for young players. He’s a role model.”

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