October 25, 2021

“I didn’t know what to expect,” said Chris Eubank Jr. after coming to train at Roy Jr.’s farm, but he was surprised.

Chris Eubank Jr. admitted that he “didn’t know what to expect” when he came to train at Roy Jones Jr.’s farm.

But when he finished his first season with the boxing legend, Ubank Jr. was “surprised”.

Photo with Roy Jones Jr. Jr. Jr.


Photo with Roy Jones Jr. Jr. Jr.Credit: chriseubankjr.com

The middleweight contenders, who snatched most of their careers from the head coach, first joined Jones while vacationing in the United States.

And after the corona virus epidemic, 31-year-old Eubank Jr. needed a private place to train.

Just as he thought of the great American Jones, 52, who has a gym on his farm in Florida.

Ubank Jr. said. Sky Sports.: “I didn’t know what to expect when I first showed up on his form.

“I thought I’d pack the bag five times, leave the shadow box, see you tomorrow.

“Someone like Roy, a legend, I didn’t think he would give me his time.

“I was completely wrong. He was 100% on me from the moment he came in. I was shocked.

“I knew from day one, ‘This is the guy I want to spend time with.’

It was Ubank’s legendary father Sr. who then called Jones and asked if he would take his son on a full-time basis.

By this time, Eubank Jr. had spent most of his career fighting without a trainer, instead retaining his father’s old coach Ronnie Davis and seniors as mentors.

Eubank Jr. used American coach Nate Vasquez in his 2019 victory over 35-year-old James de Gaulle, his biggest win to date.

But no one has been more affected by Jones, who is considered to be the greatest fighter ever.

From the moment he came in, he was 100% on me. I was shocked.

Chris Eubank G as Coach Roy Jr.

Eubank Jr. said: “I never did that. For most of my career, I was left to my own devices.

“I am responsible and dedicated so I was able to do it.

“Some guys need constant reminders. I never needed it, I’ll ignore it.

“But it’s been amazing to be there to put everything together in the right way. Everything has worked out better than expected.”

Eubank Jr. went on to win under Jones, beating 28-year-old Marcus Morrison of Manchester in May.

Now he is back against Anatoly Maratov, 33, who was replaced late on Saturday, anxious to show more of his improvement.


Eubenk Jr. said: “Roy and I do a great job together. I’m learning every day, even at the age of 31.

“You got a little taste of what was going on in my fight with Marcus Morrison.

“But there’s more. As each battle unfolds, you’ll see more improvements, more things you may not have seen in the past.”

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