I converted my dull IKEA coffee table into a stunning marble piece using £1.50 ASDA waste bins.

A DIY artist shares how she turned her IKEA coffee table into a fashion accessory using ASDA bins.

Meg Coates documents her home transformation and do-it-yourself ingenious projects. TikTok account, megfflur.


Meg already had a countertop that she bought from IKEA for £6 and she decided to recycle it.Credit: Tiktok/@megfflur

Meg was able to buy her own house at the age of 23 and is currently renovating it along with recycling her furniture.

She decided she wanted to update her coffee table and was inspired by Japandi’s interior design.

Meg liked the look of Japandi style bulky furniture legs and decided to try it on a budget using ASDA plastic containers for £1.50.

According to Meg, all she needed to complete the DIY project was two cans, marbled vinyl, and rock-effect spray paint.

Meg wrapped the marble skin around the coffee table and removed the old legs.

She then attached two baskets to the bottom of the table top and screwed them together.

Finally, she used rock-effect spray paint on the containers to make them look like concrete.

She said that in total the remodeling of the table cost her only £9.50.

Meg was delighted with the results, she said “I’m very impressed with this, ok I have trash cans as table legs but if it looks like that then who cares?”

Many users liked Meg’s budget spreadsheet transformation, one wrote: “Nice!!! Creative and you can easily change it if you want.”

Another viewer added: “What a smart idea!”

“I like it! You wouldn’t be able to tell they were garbage cans!” Said the third user.

While some users said they liked the look of the table, others were skeptical about its durability, like this person: “I’m afraid they’ll just break as soon as you put anything on the table.”

Another user said, “Does it tip over when you put something on the edges?”

Meg said he was pretty solid and hadn’t had any problems with him so far.

For The Break-In, She Used Two Asda Plastic Containers Of 1.50 Pounds Each.


For the break-in, she used two ASDA plastic containers of 1.50 pounds each.Credit: Tiktok/@megfflur
To Complete The Hack, You Will Also Need Marbled Vinyl For The Table Top.


To complete the hack, you will also need marbled vinyl for the table top.Credit: Tiktok/@megfflur
Meg Used Rock-Effect Spray Paint To Mask The Plastic Containers.


Meg used rock-effect spray paint to mask the plastic containers.Credit: Tiktok/@megfflur

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