October 27, 2021

I chose a name for my baby but now I’m not sure, people say it’s used as an insult – I still think it’s perfect.

One woman, in her favorite name for her child, simply said that it was actually the language of a fool.

The bewildered mother still wanted to use the name she had chosen, but was blown away when others warned her against it.

The bewildered mother went to Momsnet to ask if she could use the Hungarian name Nimrod for her son.


The bewildered mother went to Momsnet to ask if she could use the Hungarian name Nimrod for her son.

The woman took it Mumsnet Seek advice from fellow parents

He said: “We are from Hungary where Nimrad is the name of a famous boy and we want to call our child Nimrad.

“However, I have just learned that ‘Nimrod’ in American means stupid, dim, stupid, etc. But I have never heard of it in Britain.

“I wonder how bad Nimrod feels for a native English speaker in the UK. (We have nothing to do with the US and our son will grow up in the UK.”)

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Fellow Masonic users quickly jumped in and offered advice, with a number saying they didn’t know it was an insult.

One said: “I didn’t know it was an insult – but it’s a plane – so no one would use it as a name.”

While another agreed: “I never heard it as an insult and thought it sounded great – a powerful hunter – but if it’s a famous downfall it might be better avoided, or moderate Used as a name because Americanism tends to spread. Here. “

Others thought the name had a negative connotation.

One said: “Yes, I will use Nimrod to fool. Sorry.”

Another said: “I would consider Nimrod an insult.”

And a third agreed: “Nimrod is an insult like indifference or dips ***, don’t tell your child at all if you are spending time in the UK.”

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