I can finally come to terms with the fact that my son died in a garbage tragedy.

Heartbroken mother of missing airman Corrie McKeague has revealed how the family hopes to celebrate his life at his beloved RAF base.

Nicola Urquhart, 52, says she is now in a location to honor her son’s memory after an inquest confirmed the cause of his death.


Corrie McKeague died in 2016.1 credit
Nicola Urquhart Wants To Honor Her Son'S Memory


Nicola Urquhart wants to honor her son’s memoryCredit: PA: Press Association.

On Tuesday, an Ipswich hearing ruled that a 23-year-old was crushed after climbing into a commercial trash can in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, after a night of drinking in 2016.

Brothers Nikola and Corrie Makeian, 31, and Darroch, 26, now fully agree with the ruling and stand ready to honor his memory at RAF Honington, where he was stationed.

Nicola from Dunfermline said: “We want to involve the RAF, but first we need to talk to them.

“We have never been in a place to talk to them, but now after the inquest.

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“Corrie has so many friends there that we still talk to on a regular basis.”

Nicola police said that Corrie’s daughter Ellie is now four years old and loves to talk about her father.

She said, “She is the spirit of Corrie. Her mom April does a fantastic job.

“We all love to have a piece of Corrie with us. Ellie knows who her father is and what he looks like from photographs.

“She knows he’s dead, but she doesn’t need the details right now.

“We talk about him all the time with her.”

Despite an extensive search of the landfill where the trash can was taken, no trace of Corrie of Dunfermline was found.

Nicola was never 100% sure he was there, but said she now accepts the fact after new evidence emerged at the hearing.

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She said: “We were also told from the beginning that it could not have been in the bin due to the initially low weight recorded when it was emptied.

“Because the investigation led nowhere, this was cross-checked and it was found that the original testimony had been erased, which showed that the workers wanted to hide something.

“Also, we found that the bins had been moved, so the one they tested for Corrie’s DNA eight weeks after he disappeared was probably even different.

“We always thought that he most likely went to the trash can, but the evidence did not show this. But the investigation cleared up all of those things for us, so we believe 100% that Corrie ended up in the bin.”

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She added: “We met with two police officers who offered us a sincere apology for what upset us during the investigation. They explained so many things to us. We really appreciated it.

“We sincerely thanked them for everything they have done.”

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