I bought two Greggs Too Good to Go bags for £7 but immediately regretted it.

The APP has become a huge hit with online users who love their discounted food packages and show others what they have.

But one TikToker was overwhelmed by how much food she was given when she ordered on the Too Good to Go app.


The TikTok user received a huge package of goodies from Greggs, which she was able to share with friends[/caption]

Emma Turner shared a video on TikTok and said she paid just £7 for two magical Greggs bags.

However, she believes she may have “overdone it” by buying two bags rather than one, as she left with 39 items.

You never know what you will get from the mystery bag and how much, and Emma expected to get a baguette and a couple of cakes in each bag.

Instead, she received 16 jam donuts, nine baguettes, four savory pies, two pasta salads, a sausage roll, and a ton of cookies.

The app connects Britons with local cafes, restaurants and shops to sell expired food at a discounted price to minimize food waste.

You pay through the app and then get a slot before closing time to go and pick it up.

While Emma didn’t share the original retail price, it would definitely cost significantly more than buying food through the app.

Viewers of the video, which has over 20,000 likes, were amazed at how much food was in the bags and admitted they didn’t have the same success.

One wrote: “I get next to nothing when I order!”

“I stopped buying them because we always got 12 chocolates and a burnt sausage roll.” Posted by another user.

The third person said, “Absolute result, if you ask me!”

Each bag depends on how much food waste is left at the end of each day and which stores are involved in your area.


Users were stunned by how much she received, but it all depends on how much food waste is left in stores at the end of each day.[/caption]

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