I ate leftovers while visiting a friend

FOOD POISONING is fairly common, with over 48 million Americans getting the disease each year. CDC.

However, what is not common is the loss of limbs due to this.


A 19-year-old man was admitted to the hospital for a month after eating leftovers.1 credit

For one teenager with food poisoning, things got worse in a matter of days.

According to a medical study conducted in March 2021. WFLA-TV.

IN video detailing the study, it was said that the man’s friend also ate the leftovers and vomited twice.

However, the morning after the pampering, the teenager was in such severe pain that he couldn’t even brush his teeth, so his friend took him to the hospital.

There, the man began experiencing chest pain, shortness of breath, vomiting, and a fever of over 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

He also developed purplish discoloration all over his skin, so he was hospitalized and put on oxygen.

Within an hour of arriving at the hospital, the man’s blood pressure dropped to half what it was at the time of admission, and his condition only worsened.

He developed dark purple bruises all over his body, his blood pressure continued to drop, and none of the medications the doctors gave him eased any of his symptoms.

Eventually, the man was airlifted to another hospital to get more resources.

At the new hospital, doctors have discovered that the 19-year-old’s kidneys have completely failed, and his lungs, heart and blood are also on the way to failure.

After tons of tests, it was found that he had meningococcus, a severe form of sepsis caused by the presence of meningococcal bacteria in the blood.

Over the next few days, parts of the man’s toes and legs below the knees became infected, and doctors were forced to amputate all of the dead tissue.

The man slowly recovered and after 26 days came to full consciousness.

Doctors found that the man had missed a meningococcal vaccine when he was 16 and a second boost before going to college, but they were never able to figure out where the bacteria came from in the leftovers.

Also, you may want to know how to properly reheat leftovers that only include one additional item.

His Nausea And Stomach Pain Quickly Turned Into Breathing Problems, Purplish Skin, And Multiple Organ Failure.


His nausea and stomach pain quickly turned into breathing problems, purplish skin, and multiple organ failure.1 credit

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