I asked my tattoo artist to do Medusa – she totally messed it up and is now “gaslighting me” after I called her that.

AFTER sitting behind a tattoo so painful she “couldn’t even think”, one woman was shocked by the amateurish execution of the design.

Now her tattoo artist is reportedly refusing to refund what her client said was the worst of her six tattoos.


A screenshot posted by Aleyna shows a photo she used as a reference.Credit: TikTok/aleynarenae
The Tattoo Alain Resnais Got Was A Rough Approximation Of The Design She Wanted.


The tattoo Alain Resnais got was a rough approximation of the design she wanted.Credit: TikTok/aleynarenae

Alaina Rene, who only gives her first and middle name online, said she has “waited years” for her tattoo.

She is the end result published TikTok was a huge disappointment that left her crying all day long.

The reference photos Aleyna gave to her tattoo artist show a stone Medusa with a cracked face, floral accents and intricate snake-like spirals for hair.

However, the end result of her own tattoo left much to be desired.

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Aleyna showed off cartoonish snake faces with simple details that looked better on emoticons.

The irregular lines and shadows on Medusa’s face and hair highlighted off-the-wall elements, including what one commentator called a “lazy eye.”

“The Ink Master judges would have torn her apart,” wrote another viewer, with some asking if Alaina went to the tattoo artist with her complaints.

“The tattoo artist blew up my phone,” Alaina said. “She refuses to refund my money and deceives me!”

“You should have seen 50 messages in a row that she sent me,” Alaina added.

Most commentators came to Alena’s defense, calling the design unacceptable, but one person accused her of inattention.

“Didn’t you look down when she did it?” — wrote the viewer.

“She tattooed so deeply that I was biting my jacket all the time, sobbing,” Alaina explained. “I was in so much pain that I couldn’t even think.”

Professional tattoo artists in the comments assured the dissatisfied client that her design would be corrected, although it may take considerable effort to repaint the weakest places.

Some even offered to help Aleyna redesign the design, and she said those offers “mean like the world to her.”

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And this experience did not make her completely abandon tattoos.

“This is my sixth and all the rest, I had a lot of experience with great artists,” she wrote. “I have no idea what happened here.”

Uneven Lines Make Medusa'S Face Sloppy And Disproportionate.


Uneven lines make Medusa’s face sloppy and disproportionate.Credit: TikTok/aleynarenae
Up Close, The Faces Of The Snakes Are Simple And Cartoonish.


Up close, the faces of the snakes are simple and cartoonish.Credit: TikTok/aleynarenae
Another Screenshot Posted By Aleyna Shows A Secondary Inspiration Photo.


Another screenshot posted by Aleyna shows a secondary inspiration photo.Credit: TikTok/aleynarenae

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