I am the strictest headmaster in Britain, I think detention is an ‘act of love’.

The EXECUTIVE, who is called the most strict in Britain, called the detentions an “act of love” and banned conversation in the corridors.

Katherine Birbalsingh says parents despise her controversial discipline tactics, which also include toilet scheduling and a “no excuses” policy.


Strict school principal Katherine Birbalsingh believes the detentions are “acts of love”.1 credit
Her Controversial Policies Include A Ban On Talking In School Hallways And Scheduled Bathroom Breaks.


Her controversial policies include a ban on talking in school hallways and scheduled bathroom breaks.Photo: James Glossop, The Times Glasgow

But Katherine, who has headed Michaela’s public school since 2014, thinks her policies are more than fair and sees her institution as an opportunity for kids to “change their stars.”

Speaking with Timeshe suggested that clearly planning all aspects of the day is an “effective way” to help her students focus.

She said, “That means the kids are moving [classes] after one and a half minutes; no violations.

“You don’t watch out for fights in the hallways or late kids.”

An in-depth study of the day-to-day activities of the school also revealed that teachers regularly monitor students entering and exiting the restroom at set times to “make sure” students never have to leave the classroom.

Katherine also thinks it’s a great way to “prevent bathroom encounters” by imposing positive habits at home that parents can’t accept.

“If you have a mom at home who talks to you about the politics of the day and so on, it doesn’t matter if you miss a little.

“But if you’re totally dependent on school to succeed because you’re from a disadvantaged background, you can’t afford to leave class to go to the bathroom.”

Her methods have been criticized as “depressive” by critics, as she has been described as “scary” and a “dragon woman”.

But Beerbalsing suggests that most of these naysayers don’t “understand” her children when they arrive in 7th grade with traits she describes as “rude, surly, miserable.”

She claims that it is only after they attend her school that they become more versatile.

“It’s hard to believe when you meet them now, but I promise you that we will teach them to be like that,” she said.


Her so-called transformation policy assumes that every child undergoes a grueling course of discipline.

Among them are her grisly detention schemes, which are reportedly touted as “acts of love” due to misgivings, including being late, bad presentation, eye rolling, untucked shirts, and even forgetting to bring a pen.

In the gatherings, they are also supposedly instilled with the daily rallies of Michaela’s behavior, which is a regularity every day.

However, her controversial politics ensured her academic success, with Wembley School exam results among the best in the country.

In 2021, 82% of A-level students reportedly won places at Russell Group universities, including two in Cambridge.

Her work has received recognition even from Boris Johnson, who called Birbalsingh “strong and visionary”.

And now that the principal has made national headlines, it has been confirmed that she and the school will be the subjects of an upcoming documentary, The Untold Truth About Children.

But amid the chaos caused by the pandemic, the strict supervisor is turning her attention to making sure her students get the most out of their time in the classroom through whatever means necessary.

She added: “If you are not allowed to go to school for months, you are further behind.

“Children from disadvantaged backgrounds have never been so disadvantaged.”

Dragon Woman Says School Is An Opportunity For Kids To


Dragon Woman says school is an opportunity for kids to “change their star.”1 credit
Boris Johnson Called Beerbalsing


Boris Johnson called Beerbalsing “strong and visionary”.1 credit

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