I am determined to turn into Pamela Anderson after seeing the transformation of Lily James.

A WOMAN spent £70,000 trying to transform herself into Pamela Anderson after seeing Lily James portray the beautiful Baywatch on Pam & Tommy.

Marcela Iglesias underwent £11,000 breast surgery to get the same bust as Pamela and said she was delighted with her new look.


Marcela Iglesias has already spent £70,000 to transform herself into Pamela Anderson.1 credit
Lily James Will Play Pamela Anderson In Hulu'S Pam & Tommy.


Lily James will play Pamela Anderson in Hulu’s Pam & Tommy.1 credit

“I said to myself, ‘It’s time for my fantasy to come true, I need boobs,'” Marcela, the self-proclaimed “Queen of Hollywood,” told Jam Press.

“Since childhood, I considered Pamela the most beautiful woman. I fell in love with her and the Baywatch.

“I was watching the new series and I loved the fact that Lily James is wearing a prosthetic that looks exactly like Pam’s breasts.

“I’m very happy with my new set.”

Marcela, who previously spent £60,000 on treatments including Botox, fillers and a spider web press to transform herself into a “human Barbie”, has previously avoided going under the knife.

But in her quest to emulate her idol, Marcela finally decided to have surgery at a Beverly Hills silicone implant company last month, transforming her from a modest 34B cup into a 34D cup.

She added that she lost some weight last year, which ultimately helped her decide to have the surgery.

“I’ve been thinking about pulling up for a while after losing 12 pounds last year,” she said.

“All my fat was gone and I wanted to lift my breasts and I wanted to be more like Pamela.”

And the similarities between Marcela and Pamela don’t end with their breasts.

Marcela Undergoes Surgery To Look More Like Her Idol


Marcela undergoes surgery to look more like her idol1 credit
Previously, Marcela Spent Thousands Of Dollars To Transform Into A Human Barbie.


Previously, Marcela spent thousands of dollars to transform into a human Barbie.1 credit

Like her future twin, the Queen of Hollywood is also an active animal rights activist as well as a vegetarian.

Pamela is also known for her insatiable sexual appetite, which Marcela shares.

“I think she is very sexy and very open about her sexuality, and so am I,” she smiled.

“We both love sex as freedom of expression.”

Now She Has D-Cup Breasts After Breast Augmentation.


Now she has D-cup breasts after breast augmentation.1 credit
Marcela And Pamela Share Not Only The Size Of The Bust - They Are Both Vegetarians And Animal Rights Activists.


Marcela and Pamela share not only the size of the bust – they are both vegetarians and animal rights activists.Credit: Splash News

Marcela first started changing her looks at the tender age of 14, when she dyed her dark hair blonde.

In 2018, she underwent a £2,200 web butt lift, during which doctors injected 100 collagen threads into her butt to tighten muscles and keep skin supple.

Less than a year later, doctors gave her the world’s first web abs, using the same procedure to help her recover her six-pack abs.

The results of the procedure performed by Dr. Aleix Bazzi took about three months to fully manifest and were expected to last about a year.

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