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NOTHING can be as annoying and frustrating as the sight of static electricity on your hair ruining your look – all the hours spent on your hair have essentially been thrown in the trash can.

But while there are products on the market to combat this, a savvy hairdresser shared a very cheap solution – and chances are you already have it in your kitchen.


Maria showed before and afterCredit: Instagram / mariaaiellohair

In a short clip InstagramMaria Aiello, a professional hair stylist, demonstrated a rather unusual way to get rid of static electricity in her hair using a common household item.

The stunt that has gone viral and has nearly 11 million views on Instagram and 2 million on TikTok is as simple as it gets.

According to the expert, all you have to do is take a small piece of aluminum foil, wrap it around your hair—she did it in sections—and pull it down.


The simple explanation for this hack, she says, is that foil removes static electricity, making it a great tool for crazy hair moments.

But while Maria, as shown in the video, was left with silky smooth locks, not everyone was impressed, with some claiming the trick didn’t work.

“It didn’t work for me,” the critique says, with a second adding, “It worked.” [work] but not as much as in the video – just a little bit.

Others took advantage of this in the comments to share their recommendations for dealing with static electricity, like this person: “Also clothes dryers, they smell good in your hair.”

“You can try it with plain paper too,” said someone else.

“If this works, you have solved all my problems in life,” the user seemed to be especially happy after seeing the video.

“I needed this when I was in school with those horrible chairs that cause static electricity,” says many of the comments left under her clip.

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Almost 185,000 Tiktok Users Liked Her Hack.


Almost 185,000 TikTok users liked her hack.Credit: Instagram / mariaaiellohair
Maria Showed How Silky And Smooth Her Hair Became After Using This Life Hack.


Maria showed how silky and smooth her hair became after using this life hack.Credit: Instagram / mariaaiellohair

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