October 18, 2021

I am a nursery worker and these are the most disturbing things parents do when they leave their children.

Leaving your children in the nursery is never easy, especially when they are wrapped around your arm or leg.

But with busy work schedules and the demands of living outside as a parent, nursery is often necessary for both adults and children.

Sharon Birch, owner and founder of Footprint Learning for Life Nursery in Harle Pool, shares her parents' worrying concerns.


Sharon Birch, owner and founder of Footprint Learning for Life Nursery in Harle Pool, shares her parents’ worrying concerns.Credit: Getty

“The nursery staff takes care of your children and knows them well. Some children spend more time in the nursery than at home depending on the situation.” Footprints for life. Nursery in Hertel Pool.

“No matter how many times your child is in the nursery, the staff will always be there to help and be able to give parental advice and most of the parents are themselves.

While nursery workers are there to help, there are some things parents do that can make their job more difficult – and some can affect a child’s learning.

From gossiping in the nursery run to wearing her PJ, Sharon tells Fabulus the most disturbing things about parents, and the things she wants will stop.

1. Getting down in pajamas.

Although she understands that going out the door in the morning is sometimes a “crazy rush”, Sharon says “it’s not a good look and not a good habit, and [wearing pjs] Does nothing for self-esteem and self-respect. “

And believe it or not, this refers to both children and parents, with Sharon saying “organization is key” – so make sure all parties are dressed every morning.

However, she adds: “We understand that everyone’s situation is different, so we would love to have your child study in the nursery.

“If you are in a hurry to change your clothes, provide clothes during the day and we will change your baby as soon as you come through the door.”

2. Don’t bring extra clothes.

According to Sharon, parents should pack an extra change of clothes anyway – as well as plenty of nappies, wipes, formula milk, a comfortable and all-weather suit.

She says: “The nursery enjoys activities like dirty games, painting, golf, mud, sand, water, and going out in all seasons – nothing like bad weather, just inappropriate clothing.

“Please don’t forget comforters like Dummy and Blankies, the important things that help keep your child calm, especially at bedtime.”

3. Delay

One of the most frustrating things parents can do is stop after they leave their child, and Sharon insists that you leave immediately.

“The problem of separation is a normal part of a child’s development,” she says. “But if your child wants to join a child care provider, you must leave.”

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To help, she says prepare your child to be with their friends, with interesting activities, and remind them that you will be back.

He added, “Stay short, stay positive, stay strong and kind, reassure – after all, it’s up to you to be flexible – and then leave. A long farewell doesn’t help you or your child.”

4. Gossip

Likewise, gossiping is not a big deal, whether with nursery staff or other parents.

“If you have the pressure to say something sensitive, the manager’s door is always open,” Sharon said, adding that “we’ve heard it all.”

She adds: “We are kind, sensitive and sensible. We can help. But we will not gossip.”

5. Hide out when your child is not watching.

While delays are discouraged, so too is hiding when your child is not watching.

Sharon says: “Children see if their parents are gone, and when they see it, that fear is reinforced.

“Young children rely on their parents to handle their emotions, and get security and courage from their parents, and it can be stressful if they see that you have left without saying goodbye.”

Instead, the nursery worker says “always say goodbye” because it helps your child develop flexibility and expectations.

6. Do not check the baby’s bag.

According to Sharon, nursery workers often get angry when parents do not check and clean their child’s bag, which often contains wet or dirty clothes from day one.

But things can get in the way, which has nothing to do with it – so parents should always check.

She recalls, “There was a used condom in a baby’s bag! It’s not pleasant for a nursery nurse to wrap a clean blanket.”

7. Do not notify the nursery when the baby is sick.

Babies may feel sick with blue, but Sharon hates it when parents don’t tell their child about the nursery.

“We understand that parents have busy schedules, but it is important to point out if your child has not been of any kind,” she says.

“It’s especially important to tell if they have the drugs because, although we have strict control in the nurseries for drug administration, we give paracetamol.

“We’ll have to contact you on your busy day if we don’t know when they had the last medicine, putting your baby in more trouble.

8. Don’t tell us who is carrying the baby.

“If it’s not you, we need to know who it is,” says Sharon.

If the staff is not notified, they can stop the child from leaving, which can cause more inconvenience to the parents.

“We have passwords and extra security, such as CCTV and fingerprint systems, but we know that sometimes someone else may need to collect your child.

“We will not allow a child to go with someone who has no authority and if you do not tell us and a stranger comes forward we will need to contact you before he or she leaves.”

9. Sweet and bribe

Bribing children with sweets always works to get the kids to do what you want them to do, but Sharon says parents shouldn’t do that when they leave their children in the nursery.

She says: “Sweets or leisurely food in the morning can be used as a bribe, but it means that when your child comes to the nursery he will not eat breakfast and his sweets, or chocolates or whatever. Anything that is forced on them will catch up with them. “

That’s a problem because none of the other kids have the same sweets, and some may have allergies – and Sharon warns that “no one needs an early morning rush.”

“Don’t worry if you are late and miss breakfast, talk calmly with the nursery nurse and we will provide the appropriate thing,” she added.

10. Being late.

We all get a little tired from time to time, but Sharon and his staff don’t like it when you’re late.

She says, “If your child is late, he loses part of the session and if he feels he is in a hurry or misses something, he will kick him out for the rest of the day.” Is.”

“If we plan to go out or have an activity, your child needs to be there from the beginning. Also, if you are late in collecting your child at the end of the session, they Can feel anxious, can stay behind, and it can cause anxiety. Deep concern about separation. “

This may mean that the staff will have to stay back, and you may be charged an extra fee – and some of the time costs are expensive.

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Sharon reveals that nursery workers hate parents.

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