I am a mother of ten children and I need 14 pounds of steak for ONE dinner for my family, people always ask how we can afford it.

Alicia Dougherty’s MOM OF TEN shared the huge pile of food she buys weekly to feed her family.

Mom boasted about her trophy: she bought 61 pounds of fruits and vegetables, 11 pounds of cereal and 13 pounds of frozen vegetables to feed herself for a week.


Alicia Dougherty is a mother of ten children living in the United States.[/caption]


She bought five gallons of milk and 36 eggs to feed her family for a few days.[/caption]


Alicia bought 14 pounds of steak to feed her family only once a week.[/caption]

She also revealed that she bought 14 pounds of different cuts of steaks to feed her family in just one meal.

A US mom said, “We’re having a steak night this week, which means five different kinds of steaks, totaling 14 pounds.”

Alicia also bought her children a variety of chips and crackers to snack on: 14 pounds of chicken breast, 4 pounds of shrimp, 6 pounds of sausages, 12 cans of soup, 6 boxes of rice, and nine cans of olives.

In addition, she collected 36 eggs, five gallons of milk, and other dairy products to feed her family for “a few days.”

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The mother of five visits 12 grocery stores a YEAR and spends only 61p per person per meal.

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Mom offers 9-year-old son to shop for a week and pack his food for just £7.54.

Alicia stated that her shopping wouldn’t end there, adding, “They didn’t have everything I needed, so tomorrow I’ll go to Costco for the rest.”

At the end, mom shared her total, which was £1,199 (£905).

By sharing a video of their big food catch on their TikTok account, Dougherty DozenThe video went viral with over 400,000 views.

TikTok users were quick to ask how the family could afford such a large grocery store bill.


One user wrote: “How do you allow yourself to do this?”

“Where do you get the time and money for this?” another user commented.

The third asked: “How do you allow yourself all this?”

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