I am a mother of 10 children and I get up at 4:30 in the morning to prepare their lunch boxes.

MUM-OF-10 shared her chaotic morning by preparing breakfast and lunch for her huge family before they wake up.

Family matriarch Dougherty Dozens said her day starts at 4:30 AM, so she can start preparing a huge amount of food by 5 AM.


Mom makes ten sandwiches every day, as well as a cooked breakfast.Credit: Tik Tok

Alicia Dougherty starts her day by making sandwiches for her children’s packed lunches, including a variety of ham, mustard, or strawberry jam.

Mom then adds a bottle of water, juice, an apple, chips and a sweet treat to each of the ten lunch bags.

The organized mom then prepares a colossal cooked breakfast for them.

Breakfast included sausage patties, scrambled eggs, chocolate spread and even a homemade smoothie.

The busy mom doesn’t stop there and has shared in previous videos how she jumps right into cooking dinner after sorting out the kids’ breakfast and lunch.

However, the video caught the attention of internet trolls, with many asking Alicia why she always makes sandwiches and why the same amount of food is packaged for her 3-year-old and 16-year-old children.

One said: “Why does a person at the age of 16 get the same amount of food as a three-year-old child.”

“You always serve everyone the same amount, but I wonder if your youngest daughter eats the same amount as the oldest boy?” Aked of another spectator.

A third wrote: “Why is it always a sandwich?”

“Why do you share the same amount of food for all the children?” Said another viewer who added, “They can’t eat that much.”

But many viewers loved the video, praising Alicia for her hard work and noting that Alicia had previously said that kids can always go back for a few seconds if they’re not full.

One wrote: “Full time until 7am. Respect to you!

“You are an incredible mom, you and your family are a great example of faith and love. Thanks for sharing! another viewer said.

A third person commented, “You are so hardworking!”

While Some Users Questioned The Amount Of Food The Baby Received, Many Praised The Mom.


While some users questioned the amount of food the baby received, many praised the mom.Credit: Tik Tok

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