I am a health expert and there are 5 products that will help whiten your teeth.

DID YOU KNOW that some products can brighten your smile instead of fading it?

Unlike coffee and red wine, which can stain teeth, there are five foods that naturally whiten teeth, according to health expert Jennifer Nelson. told the AARP.


Health Expert Names Five Foods That Naturally Whiten Teeth

The Malic Acid In Strawberries Helps Whiten Your Smile.


The malic acid in strawberries helps whiten your smile.


Juicy strawberries may blush on your clothes, but they can give you a radiant smile because of the malic acid they contain.

Nelson suggests mashing the strawberries in a bowl and rubbing them on your teeth.

After five minutes, she said to rinse with water, and then brush and floss as usual.


Nelson says that eating more fruits and vegetables like apples, celery and carrots can act as a natural stain remover.

She said that because they increase saliva production in the mouth, they also kill bacteria and eliminate bad breath.


The health expert also shared that citrus fruits can act as a natural mouthwash.

Because citrus fruits make your mouth produce more saliva, Nelson says, they naturally clean your teeth.

However, be careful with lemons, as she says their high acidity levels can damage your teeth instead of helping them.


Nelson says dairy contains lactic acid, which helps prevent tooth decay.

She said: “Researchers believe that the proteins in yogurt can bind to teeth and protect them from exposure to harmful acids that cause cavities.”

She also claims that hard cheeses are best for bleaching as they also help remove food particles.


While not exactly a food, this ingredient works wonders when it comes to whitening your smile.

She said that as a quick and easy solution, you can use a toothbrush to apply baking soda directly to your teeth.

Or, to make life even easier, you can buy toothpaste that already contains an abrasive.

Other A homemade teeth whitening remedy known as oil pull can be done by gargling with coconut oil for 15-20 minutes.

Citrus Fruits Make Your Mouth Produce More Saliva


Citrus fruits make your mouth produce more saliva

Lactic Acid In Dairy Products Helps Prevent Cavities


Lactic acid in dairy products helps prevent cavities

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