I am a gardening expert, there are 9 mistakes that beginners always make, but they are easy to fix.

GARDENING can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re doing.

There is a lot of hard knowledge to learn and even more mistakes to make.


Your plants should be easily accessibleCredit: YouTube

Luckily, Kevin epic gardening shared everything you shouldn’t do if you want your garden to thrive.

inconvenient location

Garden experts say the ideal garden is affordable and easy to work with.

Kevin says you can help with a lot of little things because he’s tall and his high beds are higher than usual to keep his back from straining.

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Not enough sun

One of the biggest gardening mistakes is placing plants in shady areas.

If you’re not sure where your garden has the most light, a professional suggests going outside at various times throughout the day to check.

Remember that this will also change depending on the season.

Landing too far from a water source

If your garden is larger, try to keep the plants close to your house.

If you have an outdoor faucet or hose, check how far it goes.

Green-fingered Kevin says that if you have to carry heavy jugs of water, it’s easy to get lazy and not do it, resulting in dead plants.

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Not mulching

“You have to respect the power of mulch,” the pro jokes.

There are many options for mulching, professionals prefer chopped straw, but you can also use fallen leaves or grass.

Mulching protects the soil surface and reduces the amount of water needed to water your plants, so it’s important to do it right.

Adding Mulch Can Make A Huge Difference To Your Plants.


Adding mulch can make a huge difference to your plants.Credit: YouTube
Soil Preparation Is The Key To Good Growth


Soil preparation is the key to good growthCredit: YouTube

No soil preparation

If you are planting in the ground, gardeners advise doing a soil test so you know what you are working with.

“If you plant in a new place, you don’t know what happened decades before you lived there,” Kevin shared.

Knowing what type of soil you have will directly affect how your plants grow.

Planting what you don’t like to eat

Beginners may be tempted to grow the easiest, but you really shouldn’t.

Instead, choose things that you enjoy so that you are more motivated to devote the time and attention to growing them.

Landing too close together

Usually seeds are planted too close together, but another common mistake is forgetting to thin them out after they have sprouted.

Let The Plants Breathe


Let the plants breatheCredit: YouTube

Plants will be limited and won’t grow as big if they don’t have space, especially if you’re growing vegetables.

Landing at the wrong time of the year

Even if you live in a hotter climate, you still need to stick to the correct planting time.

The gardening god says that even if your plants don’t die, they definitely won’t thrive.

“If you respect the season, you will be much more successful,” adds Kevin.

Check What Grows Best At What Time Of The Year


Check what grows best at what time of the yearCredit: YouTube

Don’t ask for help

Gardening is something that is passed down from generation to generation, you must draw on the experience of others.

It’s easy to join gardening communities for advice and guidance.

You can also join online clubs to gain knowledge for free.

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