I am a dog owner. My 5 simple tricks will get rid of the smell of pets in your home and make it smell good.

While most people are happy to spend a few hours lounging around with their pet, they certainly don’t want to do it on a smelly couch.

Lucky for you, the mama dog has shared how she keeps her home smelling fresh and clean without spending too much money.


A pet owner shared how to easily avoid pet odor with a few simple tricks.1 credit
She Suggested That Collecting Hair From The Floor Would Not Be Enough.


She suggested that collecting hair from the floor would not be enough.Credit: Handout

Erica Reitman, owner of a 15-year-old basset hound named Dudley, shared with HGTV how she deals with pet odors in her home.


For those who clean up after their pets, keep in mind that sometimes just vacuuming the floor isn’t enough.

Erica recommended cleaning every nook and cranny, including the cushions on your couch and behind the furniture.

Even if your pet doesn’t have much hair, it’s still important to keep it clean to keep the house free of dandruff.


Another way to avoid spreading pet odors around your home is to clean their things regularly.

This includes washing their beds, any pillows they have slept on, and their blankets.

And if they’re allowed to lie on your bed, be sure to wash your sheets once a week.


While their beds may be washed, you can’t forget the toys that pick up all kinds of bacteria from the floor.

This includes all of their tennis balls, squeaky toys, food bowls, collars, and even leashes.

Cleaning hacks and tips


Here are some tips to help you with your next house cleaning:


Although some pets may not like water too much, it is necessary.

Erica shared, “My dog ​​hates bathing, I mean, hates.

“But to keep up to date, I have regular meetings with his groomer.

“If you’re bathing your pet at home, set a reminder on your phone or make an appointment on your calendar so you don’t forget.”

Depending on the sensitivity of your dog’s skin, you can bathe him every two weeks or once a month.


Lastly, don’t forget to clean the places in the house where your pets like to spend time the most.

The pet expert shared, “My puppy, for example, loves to take a nap in my closet from time to time.

“And some pets like to hang out on the stairs.”

However, as far as what to use to clean up their mess, Erica suggested trying these five products, especially to eliminate any odors.

  • Baking soda: Sprinkle some baking soda on your dog’s bed or pillows to neutralize any remaining odors.
  • Vinegar: For stronger smells, mix vinegar with water in a spray bottle and use on all rugs and carpets.
She Recommended Remembering To Clean Anywhere In The House Where Your Pets Like To Hang Out The Most.


She recommended remembering to clean anywhere in the house where your pets like to hang out the most.1 credit

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