September 21, 2021

Hurricane Kane says his conscience is clear after the failed transfer of Man City as he looks to win the trophy with Spurs

Hurricane Kane claims after a failed attempt to move to Manchester City that he has a clear conscience.

The 28-year-old Spurs striker has been criticized for trying to force the alliance.

Tottenham star Hurricane has insisted he has a


Tottenham star Hurricane has insisted he has a “clear conscience” over his failed move to Manchester City this summer.Credit: Scholar

But City will not cover the 160 160 million price so he has lived in north London.

Asked if his reputation could be tarnished, England captain Kane said: “No, I don’t think so.

“Anyone in the football industry knows the situation inside and out, and I was calm.

“It was between me and the club, and when you know the truth and you know what’s going on, your conscience is clear.

“I have had ups and downs in my career and I know a lot of people know that I am a professional athlete and I am dedicating my life to this game.

“My focus is on winning silverware at Tottenham and this year is no different.

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“We have made a great start with three wins in the Premier League and we have a new manager. That is my focus.

“We want to win as many games as possible and get the trophy I want in all my career.”

Kane had planned to move his heart to the city, but with three years left on his contract, Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy was in a strong position.

After appearing in the Euro 2020 final, he returned late from the holiday, meaning he was not ready to feature in the opening game of the season against Man City.

Ken, talking. Talk Sport“I’m very good at getting away from everything,” he said.

“After the final, I was in England for a few days and then went on vacation for a few weeks and I was rarely on my phone.

“I know there was a lot of noise around me but I was calm. I knew the situation between me and the club.

“Everyone had their own opinion but I am fully focused on the club and the country and looking forward to a great year.”

Kane will lead his country against Hungary in the World Cup qualifiers in Budapest on Thursday, before playing against Andorra and Poland.


Asked if he lost to Italy in a shootout, he said: “I don’t know if we will ever get over it, even going back to the World Cup semi-finals.

“I still wonder what could have happened in the shootout. I lost the final and it’s about to move on.

“It was our first final in 55 years. Now it’s about qualifying for Qatar. I have no doubt in that team.”

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Southgate is pleased that the hurricane transfer story is over.

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