September 19, 2021

Hurricane Ada caused deadly flooding in New York and New Jersey.


The governors of New York and New Jersey declared a state of emergency late Wednesday as record-breaking rain from the tropical storm caused flooding and dangerous conditions on the roads, with media reports of at least nine deaths.

I am declaring a state of emergency tonight to help New York affected by the storm. New York Governor Kathy Hochhol said on Twitter.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio called Wednesday night’s flooding and weather a “historic weather event.” The National Weather Service issued a flash flood emergency for the first time in New York City.

Mayor Hector Laura told CNN that at least one person drowned in the flood in Pasick, New Jersey.

NBC New York reports that seven people were killed in New Jersey, including another in New Jersey and a 2-year-old boy. Local media reported that people were trapped in their basements as the storm flooded the city.

Laura said a man’s body was pulled from the floodwaters in the 1970s. According to CNN, the car in which the man was traveling was swept away by water and firefighters swept under the vehicle, preventing him from reaching it.

CNN had previously reported that almost all New York City subway lines were suspended on Wednesday because of the effects of torrential rains and flash floods and hurricanes.

City officials said on Twitter that all non-emergency vehicles were banned on New York City roads until 5:00 a.m. Thursday (0900 GMT).

The National Weather Service issued at least five flash emergencies Wednesday evening, extending west of Philadelphia to northern New Jersey.

Earlier in the night, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy declared a state of emergency. He wrote on Twitter that 81,740 power outages were reported late on Wednesday.

A hurricane swept through Gloucester County, New Jersey, damaging several homes, according to CNN’s WPVI.

The service said on its website that all New Jersey transit rail services, except the Atlantic City rail line, have been suspended due to extreme weather.

Hurricane damage from Ida shocked authorities on Wednesday, three days after a powerful hurricane hit southern Louisiana, and recovery flights revealed that the entire community was devastated by the wind and flood.

Photos posted on social media show that the storm has engulfed parts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Newark Liberty Airport in New Jersey said on Twitter that it was facing “severe flooding.” It said it resumed “limited flight operations” around midnight after all flights were suspended on Wednesday night.

Pictures from social media showed water flowing on New York City’s subway platforms and trains. The Metropolitan Transit Authority said subway service was “extremely limited” due to the flooding.

The first responders evacuated people from the subway system, Janu Labor, acting chairman and CEO of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, said in a statement.

De Blasio appealed to the people to stay at home.

“Please stay on the streets tonight and let our first responders and emergency services do their job. If you are thinking of going out, don’t do it. Stay away from subways. Stay off the roads. In these heavy vehicles. Don’t go. Water. Stay inside, “he wrote on Twitter.



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