September 28, 2021

Hundreds sign Glasgow rat registers as ‘bite-cleaning staff are hospitalized’

According to a trade union leader who made the allegations, the rat bite left the cleaning staff at the hospital. Council Being “in denial” about an insect problem that was ‘getting worse and worse’.

GMB convener Chris Mitchell, who also works in the city council’s sanitation department, claims he has become “Glasgow’s rat boy” because of reports of infection throughout the city.

It launched a ‘rat register’ last week to encourage people to record any sightings of these rats, amid growing concerns on social media and the emergence of pictures and videos of rats in the streets.

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The GMB hopes this will help its further “boot on the ground” campaign to tackle the problem, with hundreds of people signing the register since Friday.

But the Glasgow City Council responded that the rat register was “for show only” and “had no purpose other than to spread fear, alarm and negativity.”

Mr Mitchell said: “We have seen more and more attacks on rats in the last 15 months. Did not see

“The situation is getting worse.

“Unfortunately the council appears to be in some kind of denial. We have videos and photos to prove the problem. We are not here to surprise people but to show them how the service is in trouble.”

“The rats have to go somewhere and they have made their way into the communities and we need to get rid of them.

“We are hoping to paint a picture of this problem because we need investment to stop it. It is becoming one. Health And safety issues

“I think I’ve become a rat boy in Glasgow to be honest with you. People are calling me for advice because they think I’m going to catch rats.

“They want to know how to get rid of them and who to call about it. It’s a bustle, places in Glasgow are full of rats.

“We’re not trying to go to council, we’re trying to help but they don’t see it.”

Glasgow City Council has confirmed that there were 573 refugee collectors in 2016 and increased to 598 in 2021.

“Anyone who has concerns about pests in or around their property can contact the local authority for help, which will provide the appropriate service,” he said.

A spokesman said: “We are sorry but anyone who goes to GMB to help control the pest is wasting his time.

“It is clear that the GMB rat register is for show only and has no purpose other than to spread fear, alarm and negativity.

“GMB does not provide pest control services nor is it in a position to provide any practical assistance to a resident who is concerned about pests.

“If the GMB has collected information on specific pest control issues, they should immediately provide information so that appropriate action can be taken,” he said.

“Despite significant disruptions caused by the cod, the council has continued to provide pest control in backcourts across the city during the epidemic.

“As restrictions have eased, we have been able to restore the full range of pest control services, which are generally available free of charge.

“Anyone concerned about pests in or around their property can contact the council for help and we will provide appropriate service.”

The queue comes this week when we shared exclusive footage of a pack of rats that made their way from its edge. Towards Alexandra Park Pool Children’s Play Area..

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