September 20, 2021

Hundreds of homes will be built on the former Rochelle Hospital site in Glasgow.

More than 400 homes are ready to be built. Rochelle Hospital. After site Council The planners recommended the scheme for approval.

Bellway Homes has applied for land preparation on Blissland Drive, and will maintain the A-listed water tower as a “central feature.”

The petition was debated after it was presented to the council, which criticized the design of the houses – and raised 18 objections.

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Glasgow Times:

However, two local councilors have backed the housing proposal. planning Officials say permission should be granted.

The Glasgow Planning Committee will decide on the plans when they meet on Tuesday, August 31.

Bob Doris, SNPMSP of Glasgow Marie Hale and Springburn, made an unbiased comment to the council, stating that he “wanted to see the Brownfield site in the former”. Rochelle Hospital. Prepared for residential housing “but expressed some concerns.

He worries that new access to Panmore Street could create a “rat race” and safety issues, and that affordable housing should be considered part of the development.

Labor councilors Gary Gray and Robert Mooney support the petition. Keller Gray said he had a “fruitful” meeting with Bellway to discuss any concerns and was “delighted to register his support for further accommodation in his ward”.

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Glasgow Times:

As part of the development, the C-listed tower will be repaired and maintained and will have 658 car parking spaces.

Responding to Mr Doris’ comments, a report by council officials claimed that “good connectivity between residential areas is a positive aspect of the proposal” and that no “attractive” shortcuts should be provided. Will It further states that social housing is not a necessity.

The report also states that the proposal has been prepared since its initial submission.

“The design comments have been taken into account and implemented as part of the proposal. More redesigned red stone buildings than ever before, especially using red bricks. Has been adopted.

“The Water Tower feature is now surrounded by a park area in the center of the site and there is a proposed scheme of lighting in the listed stairs and will be opened contrary to the existing arrangement which sees them in unusable and dilapidated condition.”

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

The hospital opened in 1900 as an infectious disease hospital, merged with the NHS in the 1940s, and closed in 1998.

The site was purchased by Scottish Enterprise in 1999 and applied for demolition of most of the building. The land was sold to Bellway Homes.

If approved, the developer will build 243 houses and 160 flats in 10 blocks.

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