October 18, 2021

How you can host visitors in Glasgow during COP26

Thousands of people are traveling to Glasgow before COP26 and non-profit organizations are urging people to help their homes.

Locals with spare sofas, beds or rooms can sign up for COP26 Homestay Network and for guests attending the summit between Monday, November 1st and Tuesday, November 12th.

By offering free or low-cost accommodation, volunteers do their part to ensure the event runs smoothly.

The initiative aims to help activists, policymakers and other COP26 guests who would otherwise not be able to meet their own expenses, especially from Global South.

About 700 Glass Vision households have already signed up for the website, which requires profile and identity verification to ensure safety.

Patrick Harvey, Minister for Zero Carbon Buildings, Active Travel and Tenants’ Rights, said: That being said, it helps to make sure that these important voices are heard.

“Accommodation is difficult at any COP climate conference, and Glasgow is no exception.

“The scheme gives local hosts the opportunity to meet notable people around them to ensure a successful summit. World Supporting the global movement to tackle climate change. ”

The Homestay Network is run independently of the Scottish Government by non-profit organizations.

Mr Harvey added: “COP26 is our best and possibly last chance to work with people around the world to save our planet from climate catastrophe.

“We know that the effects of climate change are not felt equally. In fact, the countries and people who are least responsible for the climate crisis are the ones most affected.

“It is imperative that the voices of those most affected by the climate crisis be heard and acted upon.”

To join, visit COP26 Homestay Networks. Official website.

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