September 17, 2021

How to deal with passenger skin

It has been one. Very 18 months after the first outbreak of the epidemic. And for many of us, one of the biggest changes is the WFH. Work from homeInstead of going to the office. As life begins to reach a new level, however, we can transform ourselves from a bed to a sofa to a long, tiring two-minute journey every day.

With the relaxation of the rules, many companies are asking employees to return to the office several days a week, if not the full five. But that inevitably means grinding daily and, in addition, traveling daily in tubes, buses, trains or cars.

And while your primary concern may be losing that extra hour in the morning, you’ll also want to think about your flawed skin, which is likely to be in a state of trauma as it Pollution It has long been forgotten.

In fact, health department statistics show that the concentration of pollution during the work week is 20% higher than on the weekends, making it a dangerous time to travel for your complexion.

So why should you worry so much? “There are several mechanisms by which air pollution can affect the skin.” sk: n, Jinnah U. “Ozone, one of the air pollutants, produces free radicals (a toxic product of oxidation) that reduce the antioxidants in our skin as well as disrupt and destroy collagen production. Skin obstruction. As a result, it promotes skin aging. “

According to Yu, aging can be manifested by wrinkles, brown spots, skin roughness, dehydration and loss of elasticity in your skin. One But that’s not all:

“It also causes air pollution. Inflammation of the skin And increase oil production. Some are so small that they get stuck in holes that can get stuck and cause. Acne-like spots. ”

In short, it’s not big news if you’re going back to the world of first travel, especially if you live in a big city where we’re usually pretty much exposed.

While this may sound alarming, there are ways to protect the skin and prepare it for the outside world. U recommends adding four main steps to your routine: deep cleansing, antioxidant application, moisturizer and sunscreen.

During deep cleaning (Go for the doubleEliminates skin contamination during the day in the evening, using antioxidants in AM will help protect the skin from further damage. To choose from Vitamin C, Which is an excellent antioxidant that counteracts the free radical damage caused by air pollution.

A high SPF On the face – when it is recommended to get rain or shine every day – it is even more important for the lifestyle of travelers, as it protects the skin from UV damage and environmental aggression, while a good moisturizer at night helps extra. Will protect the skin moisture barrier.

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