September 23, 2021

How sex education in UK schools is frustrating young women and creating misunderstandings.

To this day, I do not understand how. Tampons Really works, although part of my sex education at my Sheffield school was with a teacher who puts a tampon in a bowl of water and watches all the girls see how it spreads and spreads. All the boys were learning about wet dreams in the classroom. Sex. Education and Health There was a lot of focus in my primary school on the biological aspect of things, which makes sense when you’re a kid. However, the minimum and limited sex education that I had as a teenager was honestly no different.

My school did not promote abstinence at all when teaching sex education, not actively anyway, but there were definitely effects of abstinence from the lessons taught. We saw the torn pictures. STDs And watch videos that show the ‘negative’ consequences of sex, ie getting it. Pregnant. The majority of my sex education focused on unprotected sex and pregnancy, but how can young people have safe sex without being taught about contraception. Like many others, I was left with holes in my knowledge that were just full of whispers between friends and the internet.

And I’m not alone in that. Anna, 24, had a very limited sex education at her Hampshire school. “We never talked about the other types. Contraception And never did a condom-on-banana thing, which I think it should be at least. This lack of sex education had very real consequences for Anna when it came to her first sexual experience. When she slept with her first boyfriend, none of them knew how to use a condom properly, and in the process, it was over. “The next day I was nervous, and my friend and I guessed I might get a pill from the school nurse in the morning, or at least tell me where I could get it.” However, as a result of the school nurse’s visit, the nurse told Anna that, since she was young, she had to legally call her parents. A situation in which education is often avoided.

In addition to the half-hour conversation with the school nurse, Beth, 24, did not have sex during her school days in Chester. She remembers being shown an ‘educational video’ during the sixth form of tutorial time, where a teenage girl gets drunk at a party, has sex with a boy, and then she doesn’t remember the next day. He agreed. “The whole thing was designed in such a way that ‘don’t get so drunk that you don’t remember if you agreed or not’, and the rest of the lesson consisted of ‘arguing’ whether the girl acted foolishly or not. He expressed concern about the formation of a discussion for both teachers and the class, but saw it as merely an overreaction.

Yusra, 32, began her sex education in London at the age of 15 and mostly focused on explaining how male and female reproductive organs work, with a brief description of STDs. But it was even a struggle to listen to the biologically focused education, as the boys in her class were constantly making jokes and making nonsense. And like many of us, there was no mention of the psychological or emotional side of sex. “No one talked about contraception, the emotions that can be involved in sex, or the importance of consent. It was all very technical,” Yusra explained.

Some schools went even further in teaching their diet and prescribed gender norms. Tatiana, 25, attended a Christian school in Durham that separated girls and boys when it came to sex education. (Binary) Dividing classes with gender letters was not a unique situation, as my sex education was also given to girls and boys in the class separately. And a lot of the people I’ve talked to have described a similar setup. In Tatiana’s case, however, the girls learned a very different lesson from what the boys had been taught. “We have learned how to dress modestly and be pure for our future husbands. We have not learned anything practical about sex that young people should know, such as puberty, consent, or birth. Overcoming. It’s interesting to know what boys are taught, Tatiana and the girls in the class asked them how their sex education is? “The boys told us that they have an open-minded lesson and they Talked to us more about sex without paying attention to chastity. He also said that he was given more space to ask real questions about sex.

In the case of Becky, 30, her Isle of White School thought it would teach sex education to younger students on its sixth form, and Becky was one of the sixth farmers. “We had awesome scripts to learn, including role-playing with students so they could practice saying ‘no’ three times before removing themselves from the situation. That, they thought, was that How to reject sexual development and have safe sex, ”she explains. These were sixth-grade students who did not have a good sex education themselves, but were expected to teach younger students about the subject, as well as field any of their questions. ۔ There is a question that has been with Becky all these years. “I will never forget, ‘If I masturbate in the shower and my mother follows me, can she get pregnant?’ ‘

There are probably countless stories like these that have formed the basis of many sexual experiences and relationships. Lack of good sex education – or any kind of sex education – can exacerbate how young people, especially young girls, perceive sex and relationships. Teaching young women not to drink too much alcohol and not to wear provocative clothing to avoid harm, which adds to the prevailing and dangerous culture of rape in our society. It is telling young people that if you find a woman in this kind of situation, you can understand that consent means, when it is not at all. Understanding misunderstandings and sexual violence begins at school. When young people are taught only the biological component of sex education, with diet through this education, then we are failing to teach young people about naked needs.

And that’s the current campaign, Everyone is invited., Trying to shed more light. Established by Soma Sarah In June 2020, everyone is invited to share their experiences of sexual abuse and harassment with survivors, as well as provide a safe haven in schools and universities to expose the wider culture of rape. Since March 8, 2021, more than 51,000 anonymous testimonies have been collected and shared at the invitation of each, with the Metropolitan Police even receiving several reports that are being shared. Is. The schools mentioned in each of the invited testimonies have now been released to expose the culture of rape that is part of our education system. A comprehensive sex education may not eliminate the culture of overnight rape, but it can go a long way in educating young people about voluntary sex and healthy relationships.

Some changes have been made to the curriculum when it comes to relationships and sex education (RSE). In 2019, RSE was to be made compulsory in all secondary schools, and relationship education in primary schools, in September 2020, but now it has been extended to September 2021 due to the Cove 19 epidemic. The new RSE curriculum includes topics such as: the importance of social media, online pornography, sexting, grooming, and changing attitudes towards sex and sexuality. And in light of a recent offsetted review of sexual exploitation in schools, published in June 2021, which found that sexual harassment has become commonplace in schools – these changes to the RSE curriculum are clearly needed.

However, as much as campaigners for better RSEs in schools have welcomed the changes, they are only the basis. “There is still a big difference in the curriculum: there is no mention of happiness and the guide says to teach the LGBTQIA + community ‘when appropriate’. This leaves a lot of responsibility on the schools, and as a result I have to learn the opposite. Divide the banana., An organization that works with young people and schools to provide in-depth knowledge of RSE.

Lewis Roddick, External and Press Director of Sexual pressure: UK, A close-knit independent charity that aims to empower young people by running an informal RSE in the community, also acknowledges that much remains to be done. “Although legislation has been enacted, it is important that schools and teachers are equipped to provide such education so that young people can make the most of the new curriculum.” He also points out that sex education needs to follow a spiral curriculum, where key concepts such as consent are introduced at an early age and revised throughout the school journey. “Knowledge and understanding are not acquired through one-time teaching sessions, yet it is often the case that relationships and sex education are imparted through one-time.”

It is important that we equip all young people with a complete and comprehensive sex education that will provide them with the knowledge and tools to go through different situations in life and understand the limits. As Split Banana explains, “Great RSE changes lives. Learning about bodies, sex, sexual orientation, how to make intimacy – these are all things that cut through our adult lives on a daily basis. We need to teach every young person the importance of full sex education and limits.

* Some names have been changed.

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