September 25, 2021

How Prince Charles honored his beloved great uncle Lord Mountbatten on his wedding day

It is known that Prince Charles had a close relationship with his uncle Lord Louis Mountbatten, the first Earl of Burma. Mountbatten, who was the uncle of Charles’ father Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, and another cousin who once removed his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, served as a guardian and close confidant to reveal the heirs.

Mountbatten was assassinated by the IRA in 1979, two years before Lady Diana Spencer, Prince of Wales. To honor his late uncle at his wedding, Charles asked his bride to add a Mountbatten rose to the bride’s bouquet. Florist David Longman, a member of the Warshfuff Company of Gardens, which arranged the flowers for the 1981 wedding, shared the story in a new royal documentary. “The wedding of the century“Which premieres in Burt Box on Thursday.

“The prince made a request and it was a Mountbatten rose in memory of his uncle, which he was very fond of. He especially wanted it. There was only one farmer. It really was. It’s not a flower rose – it’s a garden rose, and they revealed that it was just a color because it’s a golden rose in the middle of the bouquet.

The florist also recalled the intricate process of making a bouquet for the famous wedding, which introduced the country to its new Princess of Wales and the next Queen’s Princess.

“My conversation with Lady Diana was very similar to the many similarities I had with the brides and what they wanted. I showed her the designs. We had far more designs and more intricate designs that I used to show a normal bride. We talked. Longman said, I already had to see the dress maker.

Longman revealed that the wedding gown designers, Elizabeth Emmanuel and David Emmanuel, were “very careful” because they had to keep the design secret, and did not tell him much about it. However, they gave him a patch of material to make him realize what was happening. “And they showed me the sketch so I knew it was going to be a big dress,” he said.

Recalling the late Princess Diana, Longman said, “She was like any other bride, excited, wanted guidance on what she should have, very modest, a very modest. There was a young bride. She chose the one that was the longest drop, the lily of the valley, the lily of the valley, the staph, the orchid. “

Longman, whose father had both made bouquets for the weddings of Queen Elizabeth II and her sister Princess Margaret, revealed that Diana was “always charming, very easy to deal with,” and “especially She was not demanding, but she had only one special personality. The request Princess had seen in a picture about the wedding of her mother-in-law, the queen, that the bride was alone without a bouquet and taking pictures with all the brides. The reason was that the Queen, then Princess Elizabeth, had asked to place her bouquet on the tomb of an unknown warrior.

Longman recalled, “Lady Diana heard the story so she said: ‘Please can we have two bouquets?’ So, we had one that went straight to the grave and the other that arrived at Buckingham Palace was ready for pictures.

Princess Diana
July 29, 1981: Lady Diana stands with Prince Charles of Wales at her wedding at St Paul’s Cathedral in London.
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