How Prince Andrew was embarrassed over a mysterious £120,000 photo of him and Virginia that Ghyslaine called ‘real’

A PHOTOS of Prince Andrew hugging a 17-year-old sex slave will ultimately help bring his life as a working member of the royal family to an ignominious end.

Taken at the London home of Ghislaine Maxwell, the Duke of York claimed the photo could have been a forgery and denied ever meeting Virginia Roberts.


The famous photograph of Prince Andrew and Virginia Roberts taken in 2001.1 credit
Andrew Claimed To Have Been At Pizza Express In Woking The Night The Photo Was Taken.


Andrew claimed to have been at Pizza Express in Woking the night the photo was taken.Credit: Courtesy of Pixel8000
Virginia Says The Photo Was Taken The Night They Had Sex.


Virginia says the photo was taken the night they had sex.1 credit

But now the infamous image shows Prince Andrew, 41, hugging Virginia around the waist at a time when she says Epstein and Maxwell were courting and abusing her.

This was reportedly taken on 10 March 2001, the same night that the Duke was alleged to have had sex with a teenager at Maxwell Belgravia’s home on Kinnerton Street.

Andrew wears black trousers and a blue open-necked shirt, while Roberts, now known as Virginia Giuffre, wears patterned trousers and a pink crop top.

In the background, Maxwell, wearing a sleeveless turtleneck, looks up and smiles.

The picture was allegedly taken by disgraced pedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein, his thumb clumsily touching the lens, apparently in a wider version.

Maxwell’s court case revealed a trove of personal photographs of her and Epstein together, as the couple seemed to enjoy documenting their lives on camera.

They were photographed together on holiday in exotic locations and looked loved as they hugged each other.

Meanwhile, they have also been spotted in ominous photos, such as Maxwell giving Epstein a foot massage along with his pal Jean-Luc Brunel.

And since Epstein allegedly took a photo of Andrew that night in London – another photo for their album – it’s unclear if the pedophiles know this will contribute to his friend’s ultimate downfall.

Perhaps more than the photograph itself, it was Andrew’s response to the photograph that proved to be his undoing in the eyes of the public.

That night, Virginia claimed that she went to the Tramp nightclub in central London with Andrew where they danced together and he bought her a drink.

In his interview about the car crash with BBC Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis, Andrew said he did not know where the bar was in Trump as he did not drink and said he did not believe he had ever bought a drink at the club.

He is known to have claimed that he was 35 miles from the Pizza Express in Woking, Surrey on the night the photo was taken.

Andrew also claimed to be unable to sweat due to an adrenaline overdose he suffered during the Falklands War after Maitlis quoted Virginia as saying that his sweat was “raining all over the place”.

When they left the club, Virginia stated that Maxwell, Epstein’s then girlfriend, had instructed her to “do for Andrew what I do for Geoffrey”.

The photograph of that night has been featured in countless articles and for many symbolizes the fall of Prince Andrew.

“If it wasn’t for a member of the royal family with a person from a completely different social class, the photo would not tell you anything, because this is not a photo of sexual violence,” said former sex crimes prosecutor Wendy Murphy. The keeper.

“In a normal case, the defense would just say that this only proves that they were at a party together.”

Epstein And Virginia In The Photo Taken At The Queen'S Cabin Is One Of Many Personal Photographs Taken To Court During The Maxwell Case.


Epstein and Virginia in the photo taken at the Queen’s cabin is one of many personal photographs taken to court during the Maxwell case.
Another Published Image Shows Epstein On His Private Jet.


Another published image shows Epstein on his private jet.
The Couple Seemed To Enjoy Documenting Their Lives As They Traveled The World.


The couple seemed to enjoy documenting their lives as they traveled the world.

But for Andrew, according to Wendy, what was so devastating was Maxwell being in the background and it “has no innocent explanation…he has no innocent reason to hug her, even in a social situation.”

During Virginia’s 2016 testimony in her libel suit filed against Maxwell, it was revealed that the Mail on Sunday paid her $140,000 (£103,000) to publish the photograph, as well as $20,000 (£14,700) ) for two interviews.

During this testimony, she said she had loaned the photograph to the FBI in 2011 but had not seen it since she packed and moved to Australia.

The photo could be in her house, in her relatives’ warehouse, or with “seven boxes full of Nerf guns, my kids’ toys, pictures,” she said.

Just a day before the settlement, Andrew’s legal team demanded to see the original photo to prove the photo was a fake.

But on the other hand, Virginia Roberts’ attorneys said she “lost” the infamous photograph just a day later.

Despite attempts to discredit the photograph, others have come forward to testify that it is real.

Virginia’s ex-boyfriend Tony Figueroa said he saw the photo back in 2001 when she first told him about Andrew.

And journalist Michael Thomas, who first copied the photo in 2011, also said it was genuine and that he had seen the original image.

He said mail: “It’s not like she pulled out a photo of Prince Andrew, she was just among the others.

“These were ordinary teenage pictures. It can’t be that this photo is a fake.”

Following Epstein’s death in August 2019, sources close to Andrew began circulating unusual claims that the photo had been faked.

When asked if the photo was real in an interview with Newsnight, Andrew insisted: “I don’t believe this is my photo in London because… when I go out to London I wear a suit and tie.”

He added, “I’m not the type to hug, and public displays of affection are not what I do.

“So that’s the best explanation I can give you, and I’m afraid to say I don’t believe this photo was taken the way it was suggested.

Epstein And Maxwell Are Photographed Together Again In A Celebratory Snap


Epstein and Maxwell are photographed together again in a celebratory snap
And Again, When Ghyslaine Pecks At Pedophilia


And again, when Ghyslaine pecks at pedophilia
Couple Posing On A Bridge On A Snowy Day


Couple posing on a bridge on a snowy day

He also attempted to question the image, calling it “a photograph of a photograph of a photograph”.

Andrew wasn’t the only one trying to discredit the photo, with his ex-girlfriend Lady Victoria Hervey calling Virginia a “con”.

In recent weeks, Victoria, 44, has consistently claimed the photo is a fake, sharing images of alleged doppelgangers she says were used to create the painting, as well as an apparent original, unedited photo that only shows Ghislaine Maxwell.

But Maxwell, who faces the rest of her life in prison after being sentenced later this year, appears to have confirmed that the infamous photo is real.

In a leaked January 2015 email between Maxwell and her lawyer, she is asked, “Do you know if the photo of Andrew and Virginia is real? You are in the background.”

Shortly after, she replies, “That looks believable. I think so”.

Maxwell was found guilty last year of recruiting and training four teenagers for Epstein.

Today is Andrew’s birthday alone and many members of the royal family avoid him.

His reputation was shaken and he had to pay his accuser about £10 million.

In the eyes of many, he will be considered guilty, although the payment of compensation is not an admission of wrongdoing.

Already stripped of his titles, one of the city’s deputies even urges him to lose his status as the Duke of York.

The Duke is now a pariah, and it looks like the photo of Virginia – wherever she is – was the catalyst for his downfall.

Prince Andrew'S Former Lady Victoria Hervey Came To His Defense.


Prince Andrew’s former lady Victoria Hervey came to his defense.1 credit

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