October 20, 2021

How many “foreign agents” are there in Russia? Has anyone got rid of this status? And why are organizations called “undesirable”? Guidebook on OVD-Info Discrimination Rules (Update!)

This message (content) is created and (or) distributed by a foreign mess media that acts as a foreign agent, and (or) a Russian legal officer and a functional officer.

Save Medusa!

For independent Russian media, Friday has been a day of months when some other colleagues or key public organizations have been called “foreign agents.” This time, on September 29, a total of more than 20 individuals and organizations were designated “foreign agents.” Among them is the media project “OVD -Info”, which has developed a large, latest special project “Anotica” on “foreign agents” and “unwanted” organizations on Russian discrimination laws. See what the authorities have put NGOs, the media and the general public on these lists – and what happens to them next. If you do not like it, please sign the “Foreign Agents” Request Repeal Act.

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