October 20, 2021

How is the girl living now, who spent six years in hospital before her parents decided? Commercial article – as short as possible.

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Save Medusa!

Sasha (this girl’s name) lives in a foster family, her biological parents are limited in their rights. This year she went to first grade. He likes computer science and Russian. After lessons, she goes to an art club and chess. But she doesn’t like chess very much – she’s more interested in the realm of “young chemists.” The girl likes to dress. In addition, the family has two more natural children aged three and four. He lives out of town with his parents and grandparents and comes to Moscow only when needed. Yulia, Sasha’s adoptive mother, whom she calls her mother, took him out of the hospital 15 months ago. She learned about the baby from her mother, from the Volunteer Helper Orphans Foundation, and thought: “This baby needs a family, and if no one is ready, how can I walk?” Sasha never remembered her life in the hospital. When she settled into a foster family, according to the foster mother, in the first weeks, she looked like a Mowgli girl. She cried when she saw other people, she was scared of children, she chased Julia everywhere and refused to leave her room and then her house. Sasha knew what “two polytheists” and “Rolton” were, slept with a pacifier and bowed hard before going to bed, exhausted. Only six months later, she began to walk around the house on her own. Sasha got used to other children (although she used to be jealous of her foster mother for her younger brother), she stopped following adults everywhere, but she likes to talk to them. The girl went to sea for the first time last summer. At first she was afraid of water, but then she fell in love with swimming. After being released from the hospital, the girl has grown 10 cm and, according to the psychiatrist, is making up for lost time. Julia wants to adopt him. Sasha doesn’t remember her family. Her blood parents first asked to see her (the foster family refused), but they have not been in touch for more than a year. Sasha only communicates with her grandparents. He was the only one who came to her hospital and now sometimes calls. Once they met in a cafe.

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