September 20, 2021

How can you help Afghan refugees by donating your clothes?

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  • If you are watching Afghanistan Conflict With the horror growing over the past two weeks, you will have no doubt what you can do to help those fleeing the country.

    there are many Ways you can help.Including writing to your local MP and donating to various charities. If you are unable to help in these ways, there is another thing you can do: donate your clothes.

    Austerity +, a. Old online store, Has worked closely with Chosen Love, which is helping the people of Afghanistan, to open one. Online store Increasing profits for them.

    Depending on your financial situation, there are two ways you can help. First of all, donate any unwanted clothes you have. You can order for free. ThriftBag online., Fill it with clothes and accessories, and return it. You will even raise funds for the charity along with the credit.

    The second option is to buy anything from. Second Life Store., As profits lead to the provision of clothing, shelter and much more to the needy.

    You’ll probably be able to pick up a great designer bargain, as there are items to choose from. To kill, Alexander Wang, Balansiaga., بوتیگا وینیتا, Louis Votten And for a fraction of the actual retail price.

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