September 23, 2021

How can Arsenal be lined up under Antonio Conte if Mikel Arteta is sacked, along with Lotaro Martنیnez?

Arsenal have been linked with Antonio Conte following the worst start to the season for Michel Arteta.

Reports in Italy over the weekend even claimed that the Gunners had reached “agreed terms” with the former Chelsea boss.


Some thugs are dreaming of Antonio Conte.


Some thugs are dreaming of Antonio Conte.Credit: Getty

Rumors have since been dispelled by experts, including Fabrizio Romano.

But that did not put Artita under extreme pressure, as his side have lost three of their three Premier League matches so far this season.

Conte’s appointment is not possible, but Arsenal fans, what’s wrong with dreaming?

The Italian has gained a reputation as a person who spends a lot of money on experienced heads to achieve his goals.

But it has squeezed out more of the less glamorous players in the past, with Victor Musa’s Chelsea restoration coming to mind under his management.

With Arsenal spending so much money on young talent, Conte will definitely have to come up with one.


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Aaron Ramsdale was bought for 30 30 million over the summer to become the No. 1 future for the Gunners, so why waste any time? Apparently Bernd wants to go out with Leno in particular.

Conte, 52, always backs up his clubs – so don’t expect him to be different.

New signer Techiro Tomiaso will be the best candidate to play as a right-handed center-back in the system – while Ben White can bring the ball out of the middle.

Conte’s arrival could rekindle Gabriel’s weapons career as a left-back center-back – although Karen Terni could also be used in that position.

Scott could otherwise be deployed as a wingback, unless Conte Fancy uses the remainder in a highly aggressive system.

Arsenal lack a high standard behind the right wing – so perhaps Conte can reunite with his old teammate Musa, who is currently based in Spartak Moscow and has finally left Chelsea.

Alternatively, he could try to reunite Hector Ballerin with his loan spell at Real Betis.

Taking full advantage of the Thomas party will certainly be a priority, although choosing someone around Ghana will be an interesting issue for Conte.


Lottaro Martنیnez will probably be attracted to Arsenal by Antonio Conte.


Lottaro Martنیnez will probably be attracted to Arsenal by Antonio Conte.Credit: Getty

Will he be a fan of Granite Jaka? And would he like to give Albert Samby Lokunga a chance?

Alternatively, and more accurately, he could try to buy a solution – by hiring a general for his Inter Milan in Marcelo Brozovic.

He will also face the challenge of how to fit Martin Odigard and Emile Smith Roy into his system with Bakayo Saka – no easy feat.

Conte could test Thomas as his deep-seated midfielder and enter the field with two more attacking options before the former Atletico XI.

He would certainly like to take an interest in Lotaro Martنیnez, the Gunners were interested in Argentina in the past.

Alexander Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Obiamong look as fast as the men of yesterday at Arsenal.

But if Conte chooses to play with two top-ups, as he often likes, he could pair Martinez with the talented Brazilian Gabriel Martineli – or try to top up Nicolas Pep.

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Conte can reunite with his old friend Victor Moses.


Conte can reunite with his old friend Victor Moses.Credit: Getty
Marcelo Brozovic, 28, has been at Inter since 2015.


Marcelo Brozovic, 28, has been at Inter since 2015.Credit: Getty
Darren Bennett says Arsenal need to fire Michael Arteta and replace him with Antonio Conte.

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