September 17, 2021

Horrible scene as a store clerk finds human remains inside a dumpster in Virginia

Police in Virginia are searching for a young woman who threw a bag full of human remains into a dumpster outside a store on the 11000 block of Hill Street Road on Monday.

Authorities were alerted to the shocking scene by an employee who found a bloody bag containing what they thought were the remains of a human child. The body was then sent by a medical examiner to a state lab for further analysis.

A Chesterfield County Police spokesman said they were “investigating the suspicious incident.” The clerk had told police that the woman had placed a bag in a dumpster behind the storage an hour earlier, then entered without leaving it. The employee then checked the bag and was shocked to see its contents.

“At about 1:50 this afternoon, police responded to a report that an unidentified woman had placed a bag in a dumpster behind a store several hours earlier. It was reported that the woman had left the bag before leaving the area. Entered the store without, the spokesman said in a published statement. the sun.

“A store employee checked the bag, saw blood on it, and called the police. Officers at the scene found human remains in the bag. Dumpster,” the spokesman added.

Police were said to be on the scene from 2pm to 6pm. They also confirmed that with the help of the public, those who helped share the photo were able to identify the woman who threw it. ۔ Bag with human remains in dumpster.

Police confirmed Tuesday that the woman in the photos had been identified. An investigation is under way. Thanks to everyone who took the time to share the post.

The bag used to dispose of human remains is said to be useful for interrogation because it contained indications that could be taken to a local high school. Police are now urging “anyone with information about the incident” to immediately call (804) 748-1251 as a woman “or anyone else in need of medical assistance in connection with the incident. Can. “

Human remains were thrown in the trash
A typical dumpster in Sunnyvale, California. Photo by: Nightnells, CC BY-SA 3.0 , Via Wikimedia Commons
Niteowlneils / Wikimedia Commons

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