October 27, 2021

Homosexuality with Kai in tears watching Johannes break down after leading Bridgeton-style dance

Fans who danced tonight were moved to tears as Johannes Radeby and Kai Woodrington told a gay love story.

Professional dancers performed a beautiful waltz dance on a Bridgetan-style ball to open tonight’s show.

Johannes Radibi broke down in tears after the routine.


Johannes Radibi broke down in tears after the routine.Credit: BBC
She danced beautifully with Kai Woodrington.


She danced beautifully with Kai Woodrington.Credit: BBC

The love story saw Johannes play a young king with no one to dance to.

A sharp moss entered and rolled it over the dance floor – and it was clearly love at first sight.

At the end of the dance, Johannes broke down in tears – and the audience was getting emotional after the show began.

“I may be overly emotional but did anyone else make their hearts cry at the initial dance on bbcstrictly #strictly?” One fan tweeted.

“The dancers look so beautiful and it was a wonderful routine. And Johannes is finally crying. Beautiful!”

Another added: “Breaking News: Johannes has been hospitalized after breaking her back from carrying the entire dance series #strictly.”

A third wrote: “For kids watching it at home, struggling with their own sexuality and feeling a little different from others, watching this front and center of prime time TV would mean a lot and be great. Will be.”

Another wrote: “Gamon will have real kittens on this spectacular sight tonight. Good.”

Meanwhile, another added: “You have spoken out strongly against more than 200 complaints about gay couples and I am here to help.”

Boxer Nicola Adams made history last year when she danced with Katie Jones in the first women’s partnership.

But Nicola, 38, who has been dating his girlfriend Ella Beg, 22, for three years, was ruled out of the competition in just three weeks after testing positive for the corona virus.

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