September 18, 2021

Holly Madison shared her extraordinary experiences at Playboy Mansion.

Holly Madison can confirm that Hugh Hefner’s playboy mansion is truly haunted because he himself had experienced some ghostly scenes.

The “Holy World” star shared her extraordinary experiences in an interview at the 29-bedroom Gothic Tudor Mansion. Nylon The magazine agrees that “the mansion is a house that is very interesting for a number of reasons” and knows that “people talk about it being haunted.”

“It’s all weird urban myths, like smuggling tunnels. It takes its own life,” he said.

The 41-year-old reality TV star recounted his experience when he saw a woman’s ghost during the shooting of “The Girls Next Door”. She was in the basement gym when she saw him coming out of the outdoor bathroom, walked in front of him and then disappeared. The woman was dressed in “contemporary looks” and “hot pink shorts bra and black work pants”.

Madison thought the woman was a playmate who was taking a photo test, so she went to the other door behind her where she could go out. But the door only led to a shallow closet. He said he had never seen a woman again in his life.

Madison recalled another incident when the TV turned on by itself and went off with a full blast while he and Bridget were booking scrapbooks. He asked for an unusual sign at that time.

“Even though I saw this weird thing with a woman disappearing in the gym, sometimes when those things happen you try to rationalize them,” he explained, explaining that For “taking a bunch of different experiences” he admitted that there were unusual things going on in the Playboy Mansion.

She lived in the Playboy Mansion as Hefner’s wife from 2001 to 2008. He and Marcard have been haunted since they left the mansion, and will appear in the August 5 episode of “Ghost Adventures.”

Madison said her extraordinary experiences were exacerbated when she was pregnant with her eight-year-old daughter. Now she rarely fears these competitions and considers them “fun” even when she hears silent noises, self-opening doors and all sorts of other sounds from her nearly 100-year-old LA home.

Former playboy Bani Holly Madison.
Former Playboy model Holly Madison.
Getty Images for Ethan Miller / iHeartMedia

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