Holby City spoilers: Madge falls to breaking point and Donna returns

Holby City has another big week ahead of them as Donna and Dom may be back from the hospital.

Viewers will need to brace themselves for a shocking revelation and the unexpected return of medical soap. Get the inside story on this week’s drama.

Big chance at home


The house may leave Holby City1 credit

Dom will continue to work with Sasha on their project, but hasn’t told anyone that he has an interview at a private hospital.

He was offered a very attractive job on an innovative parastomal hernia mesh project.

It seems like a great opportunity, but he can’t leave Sasha in the lurch.

Kylie tries to help Madge

Kylie Suspects Madge Lives In A Violent Home


Kylie suspects Madge lives in a violent home1 credit

The crossed wires mean there’s confusion when Kylie approaches Ange to express her concerns about Madge and her suspicions of domestic violence.

Ange finds out her own information about Madge’s situation, but thinks Kylie is talking about Regina’s situation, which is why she seems heartless when she doesn’t show Madge any respect.

Madge can’t explain herself

Madge Faces Disciplinary Action At Work


Madge faces disciplinary action at work1 credit

Madge is called to a meeting with Hansen and Fletch to discuss her recent behavior.

She cannot defend her behavior, so she is suspended indefinitely.

But all this becomes too much for Madge, and she begins to get sick.

Billy fights like a new mom

Teen Billy Is Struggling To Become A Mom


Teen Billy is struggling to become a mom1 credit

Russ takes on too much trying to support everyone.

But stretched too far, he doesn’t see how much Billy is struggling to cope with the birth of his grandson.

Max intervenes to help Billy, which is much needed, but Russ must understand that he must support Billy.

Amelia’s life-changing decision

Amelia Makes A Very Important Decision About The Future Of Her Family.


Amelia makes a very important decision about the future of her family.1 credit

Amelia is still unhappy with Nicky’s decision regarding Juliet and wants Eli to intervene.

She worries about Billy as she leaves with her newborn, but once she talks to her, her mindset changes.

After the conversation, Amelia thinks about her family and tells Eli that she doesn’t want to have children.

Donna’s return, but there’s a twist

Holby City Will See Donna Return This Week


Holby City will see Donna return this week1 credit

Donna’s publicized comeback comes in an unexpected way.

Dom meets her for an interview at a private hospital and she tells him that working there has given her a new life.

The fact that she speaks highly of her work at a private hospital gives Dom a lot to think about as he decides on his future.

Madge’s health changes

Madge Faints And Is Rushed Into Surgery.


Madge faints and is rushed into surgery.1 credit

After being suspended, Madge leaves the hospital, but passes out from the pain.

Ange sends her straight to surgery after seeing her abdominal injuries, and Kylie voices her concerns about Madge’s potentially unsafe home space.

Kylie forces her to report her husband Terry to the police and Madge comes clean about what’s going on.

Russ won’t forgive Hanssen

Russ And Hanssen'S Friendship May Just End


Russ and Hanssen’s friendship may just end1 credit

Hanssen tries to reconcile with Russ, but is not ready to forgive.

But Russ admitted he felt guilty about not realizing Billy was pregnant earlier because he was so busy at work.

Russ then lashes out at Hanshin for overworking him so he can’t be around Billy.

Looks like their friendship is over.

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