October 18, 2021

HMS Lancaster: NATO warship visits Glasgow before returning home after joint combat exercise.

Glasgow said goodbye after posting the navy ship on Clyde, giving people a chance to see it.

The HMS Lancaster was opened to invited visitors after a joint warrior exercise that saw NATO ships sink off the west coast of Scotland.

Lord Provost Philip Brett was among those who boarded the ship when it sailed on the Clyde River.

The visitors were given a tour of the state-of-the-art aircraft, which recently made a major reflection of its air defense capabilities provided by Artisan 3D radar and C-septar missiles.

Commander Will Blackett, Commanding Officer of HMS Lancaster, said: “After being at the heart of the Joint Warrior 21 exercise with 19 other NATO warships, I am delighted that HMS Lancaster has now moved to Glasgow and is building the ship. We have the opportunity to be very close. Our next generation Type 26 frigates home.

Brigadier Andy Madiman ADC, Naval Regional Commander. Scotland And Northern Ireland said: “It was great to see so many NATO ships visiting the various ports in and around Scotland and Northern Ireland. There has been time and a busy time for those who coordinate and oversee this effort.

“Over the past fortnight, my team has assisted in touring some seven Scottish ports, consisting of 13 individual ships, all demonstrating the Royal Navy’s longstanding international relations and our continued commitment to our place at NATO headquarters.

HMS Lancaster’s visit to King George V in Glasgow provides an ideal opportunity to showcase the rigors of intensive training and operations in the North Atlantic and to host key flexibility partners, maritime businesses and local community representatives. What

Exercise Joint Warrior consisted of approximately surface 27 surface ships, three submarines, eight naval aircraft and other aerial assets, as well as personnel from Belgium, Canada, France, Greece, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States. .

The exercise is linked to the HM Naval Base Clyde at Joint Warrior Argyle and Boat, and several of its aircraft have been flown from RAF Lucy Mouth in Mori.

NATO exercises, such as the Joint Warrior, demonstrate and develop extensive military capabilities that NATO allies need to protect our nations.

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