October 18, 2021

High architect bids ‘lost respect’ became chairman of the Glasgow Art School.

One of Scotland’s leading architects has put his hat on the ring to become chairman of the troubled Glasgow School of Art, in a strong attack on the way it has been run in recent years. Has given “.

Professor Alan Dunlop, a school of art alumni, is backing students who are planning a legal challenge to handle the institution’s first challenge. Corona virus The impact of the 2018 catastrophic second fire at the lockdown and the world-famous Macintosh building.

Last week, Muriel Gray said she was stepping down as chairman of the Glasgow School of Art (GSA) following two devastating fires that destroyed the world-famous Macintosh building.

Professor Dunlop said that the position of the outgoing Muriel Gray has become unbearable.

Seven years ago, a fire burned the west wing of the building, and in 2018 a second fire destroyed most of the Grade A structure, considered a masterpiece by Charles Renee Macintosh.

Gray, 63, whose term was due to expire in October 2022, said he hoped his early departure would pave the way for his boardroom successor and recently appointed director, Penny Macbeth. Will do

He said: “I want to fire machine guns, so they stop targeting the GSA.

“No matter how many negative things I draw, they can still be in place.”

She says her resignation does not mean she is “carrying a box” for the fire.

Glasgow Times:

He has emerged as Professor Dunlop, whose work includes the Radisson Blu Hotel in Glasgow, who has helped fund the legal campaign through painting, sculpture, photography, and printmaking. Fashion And product design master students who seek redress against the School of Art for denying access to workshops and gallery areas, which they say was “an integral part of our education.”

So far 3,680 crowds have gathered in a crowdfunding campaign, saying the school of art’s decisions added to the anxiety because students were already “suffering from financial stress and depression.” Health No leave was given due to loss of part-time work, unsafe employment contracts or working in a high-risk environment as a key worker.

The group added: “It was already an exciting year for our colleagues, affected by the unorganized studio and workshop access, UCU. [University and College Union] Strike and closure of student unions. ”

Professor Dunlop, who studied at the Macintosh School of Architecture between 1983 and 1986, has said that if he becomes chairman, he will try to rebuild the school’s tarnished reputation. Staff and students forced him to apply.

The architect behind the original plan to build a crossing. Scotland He told Northern Ireland that he had approached the students to stand up and had strong words for how to run the school.

“Yes, I am interested, very interested and I believe that I have all the necessary experience in practice and academia and have the vision to work and do it well (not like before the chair was created in 2013). The chair had a similar experience), “said Professor Dunlop, who said he had received hundreds of letters of communication and e-mails.

“I don’t know if I came up with the idea of ​​a ‘critical friend’ as one of the students or someone who wants to reform governance and the way the school works will be accepted, and the way GSA works. But I doubt it, so I’m wasting my time, but I’m seriously considering it.

“Several GSA postgraduate students and even Macintosh School emailed me as soon as it was announced and encouraged me to stand up. The students have a vote.

“I have even received emails from locals who live around the school, who were seriously disturbed after the 2018 fire. Unfortunately, they do not have a vote, otherwise I would have apparently walked on it.

Glasgow Times:

“The next few years will be crucial for the art school. The future of Macintosh’s masterpiece remains to be determined and contracts will be drawn up and the final publication of the fire report.”

“So, I’m asking the architects and other friends if they can help me, as I thought they’d like to see a ‘prominent’ alumni but an architect, teacher and artist as a chair. But I will work with him, which is the best way forward. ”

He believed that change was needed.

“They take criticism as a personal insult,” said Dunlop, a fellow professor at the Royal Corporation of Architects in Scotland. “They are going through the reputation of the past. They don’t talk. Their PR and messaging is terrible. They consider their students as cash cows and they don’t listen to independent reports.

“They don’t treat their neighbors with respect. There is no leadership. The building was burnt down in 2018 after more than 150 years of occupation.

“Now they are facing legal action from students. They have lost respect for other schools. And they have dropped significantly in the university rankings.

“But I hope things can get better and I can make a difference.

“They need a chair that knows its way to the deal and can plan for the future of the building that was the most important in Scotland and the Royal Institute of British Architects as the most important in the UK. Voted on. I have that experience, and more.

“Given all the things I’m going to do with my hat, all I have to do is figure out how to do it.”

A GSA spokesman said: “We have always had the utmost respect for Professor Dunlop, which is why he is one of the consultants as part of the Macintosh Building Strategic Outline Business Case. Parliamentary Committee Report We have also offered to meet Professor Dunlop so that he can discuss the points he has recently made, but unfortunately he turned down our offer.

“Since June 2018 we have worked hard to rebuild our relationship with our neighbors, and with the appointment of our Director Professor Penny Macbeth in May 2020, the school’s leadership and future direction are clear. Maintaining status. Top Ten International Art Schools in the 2021 QS Global University Subject Rankings, a better position in the 2022 Guardian Rankings, and a clear commitment to provide the best student experience.

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