Here is the right path for our drifting PM, says Lord Frost

BORIS JOHNSON risks alienating voters with his bland ideas to improve their lives, his former Brexit minister has warned.

Lord Frost found a “drift sense” in Downing Street that left him – and millions of others – confused as to what a prime minister meant.

Lord Frost, who negotiated Britain’s exit from the EU, has drawn up a three-point plan that he claims will save the party and the country.

Lord Frost predicts the Tories will lose power if BoJo doesn’t quickly get them back on track[/caption]

In a scathing assessment, a colleague has outlined what is wrong with the Tories and predicts that they will lose power if BoJo does not quickly get them back on track.

He suggests that Boris is torn between pursuing true Conservative politics and adopting Labor politics in a misguided attempt to please Red Wall voters.

Lord Frost, who negotiated Britain’s exit from the EU, has drawn up a three-point plan that he claims will save the party and the country.

He called for action to restore pride in the nation, promote economic freedom, and end government interference.

According to Lord Frost in The Daily Telegraph, Johnson is at risk of being rebuffed for having carried out Brexit and brought the country out of the pandemic.

He writes: “Voters do not do justice to past glories. They want to know what now? And here the avenue looks thinner. The government does not seem to be able to decide whether it is a traditional low-tax Conservative administration or whether its ambition is to turn the UK into a European-style social democracy.

“Therefore, no one likes it – and the feeling of drifting is palpable.

Whatever happened to partygateeverything should be back on track.

End of a big fortune

“If we don’t stop vacillating between conflicting goals and can’t achieve any of them, we won’t take people with us—and we deserve to be defeated.”

Lord Frost, who left the cabinet in December at the behest of the government, fears that Mr Johnson is on a “dangerously effective false trail” that the new 2019 Conservative voters don’t want true blue politics.

He says the “historical genius” of the Tory party lies in “combining the maximum of political and economic freedom with faith in our country, in what it stands for, in its cohesion and our collective solidarity.”

The colleague adds: “A free market, low taxes, freedom of speech and ideas within a strong national democracy that we all identify with is the right path forward for our party and our country.”

His three-point plan includes actions to unite the nation, beginning with the restoration of British sovereignty in Northern Ireland.

He said: “We must put an end to ‘rebirth and oblivion’ in Scotland and Wales. Decision-making at the local level is good, but it must be carried out within a reasonable national framework.”

Free speech must be protected starting with the revision of the internet safety bill, he says, and helping the underprivileged should not mean giving special privileges to those who are members of a “privileged group.”

Second, he called for action to speed up production with a return to free markets and competition. He wants people all over the world to look at the UK and say we are on the right track.

Third, BoJo must do away with the big state and replace it with a more efficient one.

The government spends £4 out of every £10 produced in the country and Lord Frost believes it has taken on too many challenges, such as achieving zero carbon emissions.

He said: “I know I am in favor of an ambitious program. We cannot do all this in the remaining two years of this parliament. But what we can do is get started and explain it.” Last night, senior Tories rallied around a colleague’s roadmap to victory, with some even hailing him as a future leader.

Former Labor and Pensions Secretary Esther McVeigh said: “Lord Frost is absolutely right about what the Conservative Party should be doing and Boris Johnson it would be good advice to both heed and implement it.”

Steve Baker, former Brexit minister and vice chairman of the Tory MPs’ Covid recovery group, said: “Lord Frost has shown that a strong commitment to the principles of a free society is the keel we need to keep our country, our prosperity and our party in in full swing.”

Former Children’s Secretary Tim Lawton called Lord Frost’s plan “a breath of fresh air”.

get control

He added: “His article encapsulates all the good things about conservatism and defines the battlefield for the next election.”

John Longworth, former MEP and chairman of the Independent Business Network, said: “Lord Frost is absolutely right in pointing the way for a Conservative government that seems to have gone astray.

“Boris needs to pull himself together and find his taste and connection with people.

“The UK must believe in itself, uphold the values ​​of free speech and democracy. People want wealth, not prosperity, which requires free markets and entrepreneurship, tax cuts and deregulation, and rewards for hard work and family values. Lord Frost – PM in the making.”


Whatever happened to partygate should be back to normal[/caption]

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