September 22, 2021

Heavy gunfire erupts in Guinea’s capital, Conakry, reports of soldiers on the streets.

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At least two people were injured in a fierce gun battle near the presidential palace in Guinea’s capital, Conakry, on Sunday morning, as military vehicles patrolled the streets, eyewitnesses said, and videos shared on social media showed

It was not immediately clear who was exchanging fire.

The 83-year-old president, a senior government official said. Alpha Corner. No casualties were reported but no further details were given.

A military source said the firing involved angry members of the Special Forces, Elite Army Corps. Sources did not say what caused the anger.

Another military source said the only bridge connecting the mainland to Kalum Mohalla, which houses most of the ministries and the presidential palace, had been sealed off and that many soldiers, some heavily armed, were stationed around the palace.

Three witnesses told Reuters they saw two civilians with gunshot wounds.

“I see groups of soldiers marching towards the presidency. There has been a lot of firing,” said Usman Kamara, a resident of Kalum.

A Reuters reporter saw two convoys of armored vehicles and pick-up trucks heading for the Conakry Autonomous Port near the palace. The convoy was accompanied by a white car that looked like an ambulance.

Konde won. A controversial third term in October After the change in the constitution, he was allowed to stand again. Violent protests By the opposition, raising fears of a retreat in the region, which has seen uprisings in Mali and Chad in recent months. Footage shared on social media, which Reuters could not immediately confirm, showed heavy bullets being fired. Conakry, And vehicles full of soldiers are approaching the central bank near the palace.

“President Alpha Conde is doing very well … the situation is under control,” an ally of the president said in a video shared on WhatsApp.

Guinea has seen steady economic growth over the Konde decade thanks to its wealth of bauxite, iron, gold and diamonds, but few of its citizens have seen the benefits.

Critics say the government has used limited criminal law to discourage dissent, while ethnic divisions and local strife have fueled political hostility.



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