September 18, 2021

Health Pass: Protest continues.

Although authorities are forcing the French public, especially young people, to be vaccinated, antipass and antivirals remain active and refuse to accept this health duct.

They are there for the eighth consecutive week. Even if the macros don’t want them, as they say, they are still there, throwing sidewalks in more than 150 cities in France. The same slogans, the same signs, the same flags and the same determination. They are there to deny health passes, mandatory vaccinations, estimates and even lies from health officials.

Vaccinated responsibly.

Certainly, France must cross the 50 million mark for the first time in mid-September. It is not that the majority of the French public is convinced of the benefits of vaccination against Covid 19, but responsibly. Just being able to go to a restaurant or museum, go to the gym or keep working. Because without a health pass, a boss can fire you. You are vaccinated because you are at a serious risk.
It is a kind of infallibility of conscience which is not accepted by the demonstrators every week. That is why they demand freedom. Freedom to vaccinate or not to vaccinate, because so far, scientists are divided on the interest in these new vaccines. Some even say that the vaccine is worse than the disease for some patients!
But the government is at gunpoint. It is now vaccinating young people between the ages of 12 and 17, for whom vaccination centers have been set up near schools, while more and more scientists are expressing serious concerns about vaccinating children and adolescents. have been.
The scientific controversy continues. So do demonstrations.

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