October 20, 2021

He says there aren’t enough migrant workers in Russia because of epidemics – is that so? Is it because prices are rising? Will the economy be ruined without immigrants? Demographer Julia Florenskaya explains.

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Save Medusa!

There aren’t enough migrant workers in Russia, and with the onset of the Kuwait epidemic, which has closed borders and canceled regular flights between countries, the problem has only gotten worse – government officials have said many times. In the winter of 2020, for example, Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khoslan claimed that 1.5 million migrant workers had left Russia – and had not returned due to epidemics. And in the spring of this year, Eric Fitzgerald, head of the Ministry of Construction, said there was a shortage of 1.2 million workers in construction alone, as evidenced by the departure of large numbers of builders from neighboring countries.

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