September 18, 2021

Have I been deceived by a woman I met online and sent her more than 2,000?

Dear Daddy: A woman I met on a dating site offered me thousands of pounds.

I am a 58 year old divorced man. At the time, I was feeling lonely.

Have I been deceived by a woman I met online and sent her more than 2,000?


Have I been deceived by a woman I met online and sent her more than 2,000?

She told me she was 33 years old and living in Thailand. He said he lost his job at a hotel due to epidemics.

We had been talking for months and I agreed to send him money to help.

At first it was only £ 100 but when I submitted its formal requests I was surprised to find that I had sent it £ 2600.

My friends told me she was using me, and that it was a hoax. He said that women like her have many boyfriends who send money to all of them.

They carefully coordinate their visits to Thailand.

If two people want to meet her at the same time, she will make herself available to the one who pays her the most.

She will tell the other that she is in the village with the family and will try to reschedule their visit.

Apparently the money earned goes directly to their husbands.

When I asked him if he had heard of this type of deception, he cut off all communication.

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Daddy says: I’m sorry but it’s obviously a hoax.

They are all very common. Don’t be too hard on yourself – these people can be very convincing.

As a rule, don’t send money to anyone you meet online.

Contact Daddy.

Every issue gets a personal answer, usually within 24 hours on weekdays.

Report it, if it really was a woman, and get advice on internet scams with action fraud (, 0300 123 2040).

My support pack Love Online further explains.

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