September 20, 2021

Hatch Chile Fest spices up the city’s farmers’ market. News

The scent of roasted peppers wafted through the air on Saturday as a marichi band, children enjoyed games and crafts, and hundreds of shoppers filled Market Square in central Paris for the annual Hatch Chile Festival.

“The market is usually busy, but the event is everyone’s favorite,” said Main Street Director Cherry Bedford at the fair for about an hour. “It’s already crowded, and everyone seems to be enjoying the burger sliders we’re offering with hatch chips, so people aren’t very sure about the taste.”

Hunter Anderson cracked one of the three Chilean rosters to pick up about 2,100 pounds of fresh pepper picked up in New Mexico on Wednesday, which was brought to Paris on Thursday, roasted during the festival and quickly paddled. went.

“I think the festival is great,” said the Paris Junior College Drama student. “It’s the first time I’ve done it, but I’ve spent my whole life at these local festivals, and it’s wonderful.”

At the Chile sales booth, Deborah Thomas explained that she and her partner, Ron Prius, first sold Chile in the market in 2015, and have been doing so ever since.

“That first year, Ron brought 50 pounds, and he took it off after that,” Thomas explained, adding that the pepper can be used in any dish and comes in light, medium and hot.

“The only thing I don’t put in them is dry grain,” he said. “I put them in peeled potatoes, salads, stews, peppers and eggs. You can even put them in apple pie. They taste earthy, not really hot.”

Mariachi Quetzai, a Denton group that started at the University of North Texas in 2008, had people shopping, having fun, visiting and enjoying the atmosphere of the day.

“This is our seventh or eighth year playing consistently outside of the Cowboys last year,” said group leader Jason Molina. “We’ve been trucking since then and have some member turnovers, but there are two of us left in the original group. We were 18 when we started the group, and now we’re in our early 30’s. ۔

Molina praised Paris for how well the group was received and said she would like to be part of such a popular festival, one of her culture’s favorite items – hatch chiles.

According to Wikipedia, Hatch Chile refers to the varieties of Capsicum, which are grown in the Hatch Valley in New Mexico, Ari in the north from Hatch, New Mexico in the southeast of New Mexico. Most Chile varieties grown in the Hatch Valley have been developed at New Mexico State University over the past 120 years.


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