October 18, 2021

Has Facebook been hacked? Fear of cyber attack with WhatsApp and Instagram.

Around social media users World They were unable to access their platform on Monday night. Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. Everyone faced a global shutdown.

Verified on the platform. Twitter They are aware of the problems and are working to resolve them – but all three stayed down until 8pm on Monday night.

According to the web service monitoring platform. Down detectors, Thousands reported closure before 5 p.m.

Statistics on its website show that about 50,000 people reported blocking Facebook.

Most of the complaints referred to issues with the website (72), while others were related to server connection and app issues.

More than 75,000 people complained about the WhatsApp, 43 reported reporting issues with the app, while 28 reported server connection and 28 messaging.

More than 30,000 Instagram users had similar complaints, with 51% referring to the app, 26% to the server connection and 23% to the website.

A graph on the DownDector website showed a clear increase since 4 p.m.

A Facebook company spokesman said: “We know some people are having trouble accessing our apps and products.

“We are working to get things back to normal as soon as possible, and we apologize for any inconvenience.”

Has Facebook been hacked?

Cybersecurity expert Jack Moore said there was a “chance” that the issue could be related to a cyber attack.

He told the PA News Agency: “There have been a lot of reports and I’m struggling to find out what happened – I’m reading that it could be related to DNS, which means There is a problem with the connection, not knowing where to go on your device.

“It may well be a human error or a software bug that is hidden in the shadows, but Facebook needs to do its best to reduce the problem of creating more panic about whatever it is.”

“The biggest problem is the fear of cyber attacks, but as we’ve seen from Fastley over the summer, I’ll bet it doesn’t happen because we’re talking about one of the biggest companies in the world. , But there is always an opportunity. ”

Adam Leon Smith, a BCS specialist at the Chartered Institute for IT and Software Testing, said: “The shutdown is due to changes in the infrastructure of the Facebook network.

“Recent high-profile shutdowns have been caused by similar network-level events.

Unknown Facebook sources on Reddit have reported that network changes have prevented engineers from communicating remotely to resolve issues, delaying resolution.

“It is noteworthy that many organizations now define their physical infrastructure as code, but most do not apply the same level of rigor when they change the code, as they do. When changing your core business logic. ”

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