Harry Styles stalker ‘breaks into singer’s home, attacks woman and smashes vase’ on new charges

HARRY Styles’ stalker has been charged with new charges after he allegedly broke into the singer’s home.

Pablo Tarasaga-Orero, 28, is accused of assaulting a woman working at Harry’s home in north London last week with the intent to break inside.

Paul Edwards – The Sun

Pablo Tarasaga-Orero allegedly forced his way into Harry Styles’ home

He also allegedly destroyed Harry’s vase in a rage.

Tarazaga-Orero, originally from Spain, couldn’t get closer than 250 meters to 28-year-old Harry after he was found guilty of stalking in 2019.

He is due to appear in Westminster Magistrates Court on Friday on charges of violating a restraining order by “appearing at the victim’s home.”

Homeless Tarazaga-Orero is also accused of criminally damaging property worth less than £5,000 by destroying a vase that belonged to Harry.

He has also been charged with assault by battery and assault to break into the home of Watermelon Sugar.

Harry’s reps declined to comment.

After being convicted in 2019 for stalking, Tarazaga-Orero was banned from coming within 250 meters of Harry, his home and work addresses, or attending any concerts or events where he was scheduled to appear.

He was also banned from contacting him directly or indirectly or posting about him on social media.

Harry Previously Told How His Stalker Scared Him

PA: Press Association

Harry previously told how his stalker scared him

Pablo Tarasaga-Orero Leaves The Westminster Mags Court In 2019.

Dan Charity – The Sun

Pablo Tarasaga-Orero leaves the Westminster Mags court in 2019.

The British Award Winner Previously Said At The Magistrates' Trial That He Felt


The British award winner previously said at the magistrates’ trial that he felt “very uncomfortable” after Tarazaga-Orero slept outside his home.

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