Hardy revelers have come to town despite Storm Eunice’s ferocious 190 mph winds and sub-zero temperatures.

STORM Eunice has wreaked havoc across the UK today, but that hasn’t stopped avid partygoers from making the most of their Friday night.

Trees were torn down and roofs ripped off buildings as a 122 mph hurricane hit the country during the worst winter storm in a generation.


Revelers enjoy a big night in the city of Leeds as Storm Eunice finally comes to an end.1 credit
The Girl In The Beautiful White Sundress Made One Concession To Adjust To The Bad Weather By Bringing An Umbrella With Her For The Evening.


The girl in the beautiful white sundress made one concession to adjust to the bad weather by bringing an umbrella with her for the evening.1 credit
But Many Chose To Go Out Without Coats, Even As Temperatures Plummeted In Yorkshire.


But many chose to go out without coats, even as temperatures plummeted in Yorkshire.1 credit
Friends In Birmingham Did Their Best To Shelter From The Storm


Friends in Birmingham did their best to shelter from the storm1 credit
However, Not Everyone In West Meads Is Worried About Using An Umbrella.


However, not everyone in West Meads is worried about using an umbrella.1 credit

However, when the strongest winds finally died down, the British dressed up for a nighttime walk around the city.

Temperatures have dropped sharply and snow is expected in parts of Yorkshire.

Despite this, students from Leeds left their coats at home to spend the night in the city.

The four friends were spotted wearing cutout dresses and miniskirts despite the February chill.

The girl in a tiny white sundress made one small concession to the weather by taking a black umbrella with her for the evening.

The city’s nightclubs welcome clubbers: Pryzm, Mint and The Warehouse will open soon.

In Birmingham, a group of eight friends grabbed a broken green umbrella as they made their way to the bars on Broad Street.

The red ‘life-threatening’ weather warning has been officially canceled across the UK.

It happens like:

However, there is a small reprieve, three more days of warnings.

The squall will be followed by eight inches of snow, freezing ice and 80 mph storm winds.

Temperatures will drop to -1°C during the night in some areas.

A new yellow ice warning is in effect across most of Scotland and all the way to England.

Those who live on the east coast will miss the ice blast, but residents in the south, such as in Stoke-on-Trent, are urged to be careful.

The warning is valid until 9 am tomorrow.

A separate yellow wind warning is also in effect for the south tomorrow from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm.

The warning applies to south Wales, parts of the West Country and the entire south coast.

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This will exacerbate the suffering of the British, who have suffered the most from Eunice, especially on the Isle of Wight, where severe storms raged.

On Sunday, a yellow wind warning was issued for Scotland and parts of the North West, while a rain warning is in effect between Carlisle and Bakewell in Derbyshire.

And on Monday, another yellow wind warning will be issued across Scotland and the northwest.

At noon, Britain will finally get rid of bad weather.

Aidan McGivern of the Met Office said: “Unfortunately, even wetter and windier weather is expected this weekend, but not on the scale of Storm Eunice.”

As the storm subsides, the northwesterly wind will bring downpours, sleet, ice and snow northward, he said. White matter will also fall in the northern parts of Wales and the Midlands.

The temperature will drop as the wind dies down.

Saturday will bring a bright and cold start, especially in the north.


In more southerly areas, rain will change to 60 mph winds in the afternoon.

Strong winds and rain are expected again on Sunday.

Mr McGivern said: “The wind will pick up significantly later in the day.

“There is a risk for the northern parts of the country – northern England, Scotland, Northern Ireland – 50 to 60 miles per hour inland and 70 to 80 miles per hour around open coasts and hills.”

Unfortunately, today it is known that three Britons and an Irishman were killed.

A woman in her 30s who was a passenger in the car died in Haringey, London when a tree fell on the car.

The 30-year-old man who was driving was hospitalized. His injuries are not considered life-threatening.

In Hampshire, a man in his 20s was killed and a second man seriously injured when a 10-foot tree fell in the market town of Alton.

A man in his 50s died when debris pierced the windshield of a car in Merseyside.

And a man in his 60s died in County Wexford when he was crushed by a tree while clearing trash.

In Southsea, Hampshire, Friends Jumped Into The Air Because Of The Strong Wind.


In Southsea, Hampshire, friends jumped into the air because of the strong wind.Credit: Simon Jones
Two Trucks Overturned In The Morning Due To A Storm On The M4 Highway In Wales.


Two trucks overturned in the morning due to a storm on the M4 highway in Wales.1 credit
A Huge Tree Was Knocked Down Next To Houses In Battersea, London.


A huge tree was knocked down next to houses in Battersea, London.1 credit
Stunning Photos Show Waves Crashing Against The Sea Wall In Newhaven, East Sussex.


Stunning photos show waves crashing against the sea wall in Newhaven, East Sussex.1 credit

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