September 20, 2021

Hamza Yusuf urged the Scots to ‘think twice’ before calling 999.

Health Secretary Hamza Youssef has urged the Scots to think twice before calling 999 for an ambulance, as he warned that the NHS is facing an “unusually difficult winter”.

Although he promised that any extra cash he received would be spent trying to reduce the pressure on healthcare, the Glasgow MSP acknowledged that “autumn and winter will be a challenge.” ۔

In light of this, he said, people should consider whether it is “absolutely critical” for them to call an ambulance.

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Recent increase in Corona virus As a result of the cases, the number of patients in the hospital is increasing. As a result, other parts of the health service are under pressure.

It was revealed last week that the average wait for an ambulance had reached six hours, while the number of patients who spend more than the target time of four hours in accidents and emergencies has reached record highs.

Mr Yousef told the BBC. Radio. Scotland: “We are in an extremely difficult winter.

“We know that the flu season can be extremely difficult. We know that people who are offering – whether they are offering ambulance service or GPs or A&E – are presenting more sick because He has not presented for the last 18 months.

“Given the statistics, the last time we had 1,000 patients in a hospital with coveed was December 2020, now our A&E presentations, when we have the same number of coveed patients, are 40 per cent higher.”

The health secretary said good morning. Scotland Program: “I can’t get away from the fact that we’re in a very difficult winter and that’s why we’re investing as much as possible.”

And he pledged: “Whatever money I get, whatever additional resources I can find to help the NHS, I can promise you that it will be spent to deal with the difficult fall and winter.” Will go

The Scottish Government has already outlined a 1 1 billion NHS recovery plan to help the service cope with the Corona virus epidemic.

Mr Yousef also emphasized that the ambulance service was being given an additional 20 million injection to help increase staffing.

“We are seeing more and more ambulance staff being recruited,” he said.

“This recruitment is happening now, so we are helping the ambulance service staff.”

When asked directly if people should “think twice” before calling an ambulance, Mr Yousef said: “Yes, that’s the short answer.”

“I have no doubt that people do this because they are in distress, I think most people only call when they are in extreme distress,” he said.

Mr Yousef said those who were “calling 999 to call an ambulance” should consider whether it was “absolutely critical” – although he insisted that if they should call and call the ambulance service. Will get You as soon as possible. ”

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